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  1. Welcome back aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

  2. Our cruise on the Mariner of the Seas, week at the beach, home then to family and friends, eating way to much and relaxing every chance we get with my husband.
  3. oar ....Royal Caribbean (Our favoritie, LOL... :D B) ;)
  4. For years now, we have cruised in December...usually around the second week. Our weather has been real good...only a short shower a time or two. Nothing that would have stopped us from doing anything.
  5. What have you done to make an interior cabin great fun? Well, the most important thing....have your sweetie with you and plan on being out of the room more than in it. There is so much to do and we are only in there to shower, change clothes and sleep. In our opinion, the cabin does not make the cruise....we do. Have Fun!! B)
  6. I think it is good that the cruiselines are going out different places now and we have our fingers crossed that RC will one day go out of Charleston, SC or Jacksonville, FL. Celebrity goes out of Charleston and hopefully RC will one day.
  7. A friend that we were going to cruise with just insisted that we take duct tape that I met on the internet that was going on a cruise with us. So we would not hurt their feelings, we found the smallest roll in the house. ;) Well on that cruise our luggage was torn, the hem had to be repaired in my husbands pants and my dress. On top of that...my slip strap broke. :rolleyes: Yes, we were held together with duct tape that cruise. We have used it to get lint off our clothes, hold the curtain together in an ocean view cabin and tape where there is something lit up...we like a dark room to sleep in. I once saw a man at the pool reading a book and his bookmark was a piece of duct tape folded over. You know what they say...."Duct tape is like the force: It has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together." :D
  8. It was our anniversary ...and we wanted to do something real special. Bill called his step sister that lives in Florida and she suggested a Southern Caribbean and taking Royal Caribbean Cruiseline. Well...we had a ball on the Monarch of the Seas and met so many nice people. Still email those people today and talk on the phone. We are just hooked...cannot find a better vacation anywhere!!! :D
  9. Wiggle your toes in the sand for me, LOL. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!!! B)
  10. ;) Cruisegirl...we are sailing on the Mariner on December 7th, 2003 and can hardly wait. Looking forward to a lot of fun in the sun.
  11. Yes, dieting is a word around this house we have heard a lot of. One lady said to me the other day, "Kathy, have you gone on your cruise diet, LOL?" She knows that we go on one before and after any cruise.
  12. Southern Caribbean for us. We love them all though...and really like sea days. B) B)
  13. Keith and Rita...we have had all kinds of cabins but never a cabin with an obstructed view. We like suites, had a balcony, nice to have ocean view and happy in an inside room. Just get us onboard and we are happy as two June Bugs. (We were upgraded to the suite) I met someone though that had a cabin like this and truthfully, it did not bother them because they were not in the cabin that much. I bet you all are the same way...going here and going there. The husband had to have a window because he thought he would feel closed in. They could not see anything and kept their curtain shut most of the time because she did not like seeing the life boat, LOL. Their next cruise they are getting an inside room and he loved the complete darkness and cheaper price. We have booked directly with the cruiseline. Since you have done this, keep calling and maybe someone will cancell at the last minute if you want another cabin. When we booked with them...they made changes for us and even found a better deal than we had. Most of the time though, it is cheaper going with the T/A. Twice, it was not for us...and it was real close to the time of sailing...that is the reason. Another thing, if you go thru a travel agent, and most of the time we do, the cruiseline will refer you to your T/A to check and do things. We always get there the day before the ship sails and in the group that boards first. You could check and see if they have another room to upgrade yourself before they all get gone if you get to the terminal early. We have had cabins lower and rather be midway because when you are lower down...you have to take the elevators a lot and when we are midway, we tend to take the stairs to get places and like the exercise. Well...let me rephase that, we tell ourselves it is good for us and we can eat more that way, LOL. No matter what, you have a cabin...YOU ARE ONBOARD<]...with your sweetie....sailing away...that is all that matters! You all like those sunsets like we do and you can see them better on the top deck, LOL. We could be happy in the boiler room :D ..in a hammock ,...just as long as we are together and cruising.
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