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  1. Thank you everyone. I spent the best birthday ever on the new Emerald Princess sailing the Meditteranean. We partied on the Amalfi Coast on the hillside in Ravello after visiting Sorennto, Positano and Amalfi and before our great tour at Pompeii. What a way to spend a Birthday and another fantastic cruise. On my actual birthday, we again partied with great cruise critics at the Meet and Greet where we meet up with more than 50 wonderful new friends. Bon Voyage Nanatravel
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  4. :smiley: Welcome aboard njnana. Our cruiser friend Dotsie who is also from New Jersey has a very large group on FOS 11/5. Sure hope you and your group register for the Official Meet and Mingle. Stop by the official Roll Call for Freedom of the Seas, Nov. 5, 2006 (edited ). We have 66 people registered but a lot more sailing with family and friends group like yours. Bon Voyage
  5. Yes, can't wait for Vegas. Only downer is it will be HOT! Can't wait to cruise even more. Have a good day.
  6. Term, I check in (was checking without logging in) while on my temp job. Just nothing happening over here. Just got home from Dr. plus hospital again for more xrays. Tomorrow Dr. will make a decison of what action to take, he doesn't want to operate. Stones are in a precarious position! Reminded DH of his NY boys trip next week to Yankee Stadium and our Mini vacation to Las Vegas which is our birthday gifts. Hope he is better soon so we can travel. Bon Voyage Nanatravel
  7. I check in occasionally from the office, so appear as a Guest. Not much "news" here. CC is still the most active. However, host put a request to "quit chatting" and keep talking about cruising. Can't blame her. The one liners are "private venues" for sure. The sun just finally came out 7 PM! It was pouring on the way home from work at 6 PM. Bon voyage Nanatravel :cool:
  8. Welcome Aboard Frosty Boy, Your cabin is right in the midst of many of this tried and true group of cruisers on this Roll Call. Some folks know each other, others are part of a small reunion group who met on the Mariner, many also just met on-line. We all have one thing in common, we love to cruise. We post on many forums; cruisecrazies, x, cruiseline, etc. So check us out. Some get a little off topic, but it's all in fun. We will be planning many group get togethers on land (MIA pre-cruise) and on board, so keep your eyes open for updates. Don't forget to go to x and register for the Official Royal Caribbean Meet and Mingle. You will get a private invitation and have a chance to meet some fun people. Great Cabin buy the way! It must have just come available. Are you doing a pre-cruise? Many of us are. What state do you hail from? I'm in NH and we have folks from Alaska and Scotland, too. Bon Voyage Nanatravel
  9. Sorry, I didn't have time earlier to check this thread. Barb, Janet and Selena were just on the Key West, Sloppy Joe's Web cam. Check out CC for some pictures on the Roll Call. Don't know how he did that! The web shots were pretty dark but Janet has the Lime Tank Top, Barb the Lime sun dress and the petite lady is Selena (I believe). Barb has on huge glasses and they have their Huge Blinking Glasses half full. Saw Janet inside Sloppy Joes at the bar getting a drink about 10:50 a.m. They were on the street by 11 a.m. with signs in hand - 212 Days until the Freedom! I believe they are on the Enchantment. The Mallory square web cam showes an RCI ship in port. Have a great weekend. Bev
  10. Good Morning Freedom Family. Since Janet is on da plane, I will keep today's thread to date. Have a good day everyone. Bon Voyage Nanatravel
  11. Good morning Freedom Family, hope everyone enjoys the sunshine. Bon Voyage
  12. Good Afternoon everyone. Well I had a good interview this morning and received a call for another temp assignment at the same company that I worked with in February. Time will tell if I land either position. I stopped in to see my TA also. I hadn't seen her in a long time as she manages a few different offices in New England. I picked up some brochures for Europe. I doubt we will do that this year, but you never know. She will let me know more about the Freedom docking in Boston and a TA tour. At this time, the TA's are scheduled to do a 2 night sail to nowhere in May. Well we are in March-just one more month and Winter should be over with. Bon Voyage
  13. You know there are us lurkers out there by day! I'm at a government job and can't post. It has been pretty quiet. What's new with everyone? Are you staying warm and getting ready for our Warm Caribbean cruise? Unfortunately, we have to wait until November to vacation again. With our Filene's stores all closing, I did buy a new evening outfit! LiKe I needed something else to wear once. Stay warm. Nanatravel
  14. Some good choices Joe. We toured Malaga on our own and it was beautiful. The Alhambra tour is very long and hopefully you will get in. Access is ticket limited. You are wise to go with a ship tour. At Lisbon, we took a taxi tour which was great. We also took a ship tour in the morning to Capa Roca and Sintra a historic town. Taking the ship tour to Monaco and Monte Carlo including the casino is also smart. We ran in to tremedous traffice and the tenders are very slow and regulated in VilleFrance. Don't forget proper dress for the Grand Casino and no tote bags or cameras are allowed. They will check your things for you. Wear comfortable shoes as many of the streets are all cobblestones and slight hills. You will have to walk a distance from the parking lot at both locations. When do you tour & sail? Nanatravel
  15. Yes, it's much better now. We just got home from Freeport, Maine. The weather was cold on Friday & Saturday but it just started to snow at 8 a.m. Dunfsy morning. We had packed up last night and got in the car to head South at 8 today right after breakfast. It was a white-out from the tractor trailers and trucks driving by but we made it home without incident in about 2 1/2 hours. Just a half hour more than it took us to get to the Harraskeet Inn. We had two wonderful dinners and walked and shopped a bit at the outlet stores and the huge LL Bean. Have a great day. Nanatravel
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