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  1. First, I want to say how much I appreciate all the information I have received from this forum. Next, I want to tell you how sorry I am that I disappeared. DH told me months ago that we would not be going on a cruise, so I kind of dropped out of here. I joined a forum here in Maryland (not cruise based) and have been spending my free-time with them. A month ago, a forumite was in the chatroom and mentioned she was going to Bermuda on the Norwegian Crown. I ran upstairs, told my DH I wanted to book, he crossed his arms and laughed at me. I took that as a dare, and booked non-refundable tickets. He was not happy about it, but now he's like a little kid. Thank you again for all the information. Cheryl? Please email me. Anyone else going on this cruise? Best wishes to all of you! Wendy
  2. Right now I'm at the point where I do not need to take care of an ailing parent or relative--but God bless you. I am ready for that when the time comes. My life is devoted to my family. I am very lucky to have the ability to be a "stay at home mommy." When my DH is at work and my children are in school I enjoy reading, cooking, eating and discovering all the information available on the internet. I also enjoy a few shows on tv. I love to watch ER on Thursday nights and watch the re-runs in the morning on TNT. I have really enjoyed Sex and The City--great for a good laugh! We have had wet, cold weather here in Maryland until yesterday. Today I set up my "summer kitchen" on the back patio. Weber grills are great--almost every meal will be cooked on my grill for the next 5 months (weather permitting!) I wanted to cruise with my sister--DH got a bit green about that so we are going and my dear sis will be left behind :undecided: He only takes one vacation a year, but when I told him about the cruise he suddenly was able to take another week off. Rockfish season started today in Maryland. I read in the paper today the Rocks are 50-60- even 70 pounds this year. Yes...I like to fish and a good friend of mine has a nice fishing boat. Life is very very good! :cool:
  3. Hey Sebbie! Bad back? :cry: I don't know anything about the bed you're asking about--I have seen it advertised on TV. Maybe they offer a 30 day trial? I do have a friend who has a bad back and she bought the Tempu-pedic--she and her DH love it. I have also heard raves about "The Heavenly Bed." I believe they have these in Westin Hotels. They can be researched and ordered on-line. All of these beds are $$$$$--I would want one with a money back guarantee.... Otherwise--Keith and Rita sound right on with a hot tub! :grin:
  4. Exactly--that's why I got the DSL--I can be on the phone and online at the same time. But--my DSL comes with MSN not AOL. My e-mail is much better with AOL , but I am getting used to MSN. Thanks again--I'll get the hang of it! :smiley:
  5. Thanks all of you for all the input! There are so many choices out there it gets confusing. In order to avoid the expense of installing a new phone line, paying for monthly service on that phone line--I went with the DSL--cut my future expenses in half. I'm reconsidering.....still trying to get used to the MSN , but I keep going back to my AOL window. I am paying the same amount for DSL w/MSN as I would for AOL broadband on my single phone line---as much as I like to play on here I have to have my phone line free.....urggggg----rambling....sorry! Thanks again :undecided:
  6. heehee! (yes that is really the way I laugh!) :kiss:
  7. A few weeks ago I subscribed to Verizon DSL service--which comes with MSN as a provider. I am a newbie at this computer stuff. I still have 4 months left of "free" AOL. I have been going nuts--I don't like the MSN format as :undecided: much as the AOL. I actually have 3 different e-mail addresses at this point and have kind of backed away from the computer. I went with DSL because it was less expensive than having a new phone line installed. Any advice out there? :rolleyes:
  8. :grin: :grin: :grin: I am sending that to my Stepfather who just retired from United!
  9. Bridabunny, Hugs and prayers to you and yours.
  10. Dear Iriscruiser: It would be nice if they got a cell phone and plan for you! I have a cell phone in my car to use for emergencies (through cellularone) I only pay $8/month and get 30 minutes of call time free. I can honestly say I have not used any of that time in over 2 months. I can see where cell phones can come in handy, but to me they are a nuisance. DH felt the same way and would get angry when he would see people driving down the road one hand on the steering wheel and one gripping that cell phone as if it was a lifeline. Now DH has a cellphone with unlimited time (for business of course!!) Whenever we go out I get to observe him being the person he would get angry at. He pays about $60/month through Verizon. I still think if the kids are insisting--they should treat you!! :grin: Good Luck!
  11. Hey everybody! It's drizzling and gloomy here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I've had the two neighbor boys in the house today to keep my son occupied. They are very good (maybe because I banished them upstairs and set them up with the playstation?) The crocuses are starting to push up, the trees are budding and the grass is turning green again----I love this time of year. Hope your Mom has a very happy birthday Cheryl. I was a Girl Scout long ago and to earn my sewing badge I had to learn to hem and sew on buttons. I have never told DH this though--he takes his shirts that need buttons sewn on to the cleaners and they do it....BAD WENDY!! :sealedlips:
  12. :wink: The vodka and pizza sound great! Napping and reading too! I just got home and had a chance to check the board. In retrospect--my day was great and very busy. Cheryl--you can relate to this--Rebecca is going to her first prom and we went to buy her "the dress." Efficient shoppers that we are this only took 45 minutes (could having a 7 year old male with us have made this process easier?) Then on to a HUGE birthday party for my grandaughter's 1st birthday. We picked up DH from work on the way there and went to the party. The party was at my DH's ex-wife's and her husband's home. Thankfully, I have been through many of these BIG HUGE FANCY parties that I survived. I just hid in the closet with a beer and the wonderful shrimp and cheese ball!! Seriously it was a great day--Cheers to you all! :grin:
  13. Hey Jason! I found you on ######.com in a posting. Checked you out from there. Be proud--you are all over the different cruise sites!!! :grin:
  14. :cool: Welcome mjones!! Looking forward to your posts!! :grin:
  15. GottaCruz, Holding your children accountable for getting themselves up will definately instill a sense of responsibility. If for some reason they sleep through an alarm--go buy them one of those old fashioned alarm clocks with those big bells on top and place it far away from their bed :grin: Then again--my children wake up as soon as the sun comes up. I'm usually up, but if not they come say goodbye (ages 7 and 15). Maybe more sleep is in order and you need to enforce a new bedtime???? That's assuming it's your daughter. If it's Jason--He's up late like the rest of us cruising on CruiseCrazies. Send him that alarm clock!!
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