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  5. We absolutely are all about the cabin! We'll sail in no less than a junior suite (on Zuidy it's Cat ss), either midships or on the wake, if it's a Cat S (5187 preferred). We also don't want to be under the pool, lido, basketball court, or right on the elevator bank. We book specific cabins at least 6 months in advance and won't take an upgrade without approval. Candy <-- docs are here for Zuidy #6 on 11/12
  6. The Ocean Players Club is Carnival's casino club. Go to http://oceanplayersclub.com and check it out. Candy <-- visits onboard regularly
  7. The Ocean Players Club is Carnival's casino club. Go to http://oceanplayersclub.com and check it out. Candy <-- visits onboard regularly
  8. You may have found it on the Ocean Players Club site. I tried to email the Casino Host on the Zuiderdam, but HAL ships aren't listed yet. Anyway, if your host(ess) is anywhere near as great as Damien was, you'll have a wonderful time! Candy <-- sailing on Zuidy #6 in November
  9. Hmmmm... can I get cabin credit for my Coca Cola stock? :huh:
  10. We take 50 singles and 10 fives for a week. The bonus tips come out of our spending money, as they're usually $20-30. Our Asst. DR Steward told me the best calling card for tips is "Hello Asia", but I looked for it in Key West, and couldn't find it. I found it online at http://www.pinonsale.com/Details.asp?Product=169 Candy <-- will get some for Zuidy #5 in November
  11. On HAL it's $10 per person per day = $140. We usually have such great service, we offer an extra $20 or so to special stewards. Candy <-- will start tipping Saturday on Zuidy #5
  12. Thanx, guys... this is our 5th Zuidy cruise, and I'll post a review, although there won't be much to add to the other 4! Is there anything in particular y'all want to know? Candy <-- thinks of Zuidy as her summer house
  13. We tip $1-2 per bag for each handler. I can really only vouch for HAL, but I believe at most piers, there is a sign that handlers are salaried and to please report any overt solicitations. I approach the pier handler with his tip in my hand, so he already knows there's a tip and needn't ask. I have heard (not witnessed) that those who refuse to tip have their bags put to the side and are the last to be loaded. We always arrive at the pier around noon, and have received our luggage anywhere from 2:00 to 4:00 (and they don't all come at the same time, either), so I don't think it matters. Candy <-- 11 days 'til our 5th Zuiderdam cruise
  14. I check regularly, but rarely has the price gone down. Our upcoming Zuiderdam cabin is now almost twice what we paid. Our TA has called me many times with price changes and upgrades (three on one cruise alone). Candy <-- 18 days out
  15. I'd be the Manager of the Complaint Department. I'd listen carefully to all the details of even the most minor complaints, and offer a free cruise as compensation for all the horrid circumstances these poor cruisers have had to endure. Length of the free cruise, of course, would be commensurate with the level of agony displayed by the complainant, as well as how important they feel they are.
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