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  1. TheSkipper


    Hi Zebra, And Happy Birthday! We are looking at a place called The Wave at Cadado for them. They will be taking a cab or uber to the ship, but think they will enjoy that area.
  2. TheSkipper


    Hi Gang, Our Grand Daughter has booked a Honeymoon Cruise out of San Juan, PR. Their plane arrives at 0015 on the morning of the cruise. Need suggestions for a pre-cruise hotel where they can get some rest before going to the ship and perhaps do a little Old San Juan touring before they head to the ship. Any suggestions???
  3. TheSkipper

    About The Deals in this Forum

    Hi Jason, How does one become a Preferred Agent?? My wife a vet of 70 cruises and an Agent with Expediacruiseshipcenter is interested. Ed Wynn, The Skipper
  4. TheSkipper


    Hi Gang, Nice to be back. Things have been kind of crazy since Thanksgiving. Had my left knee replaced, a few weeks later fell and broke my knee cap and tore my ligament, so back for more surgery. Followed by two week in a rehab center during which I could put no weight on my left leg and had to hop on my right. Now, the are discussing a third operation on that knee and I am resisting. Enough already. We have 18 folks booked on a Holy Land Cruise in October aboard the Celebrity Constellation, sailing out of Rome. I've been handling all the shore excursions and just yesterday go everyone booked for three full days of excursions in Israel. Two of the folks going with us are the parents of the only American female Cruise Ship Captain. She is with Celebrity and just took over the Equinox. Perhaps some of you have met her "Captain Kate."
  5. TheSkipper


    Hi Gang, Does anyone remember the name and email address of the gal who made magnetic cabin door signs??
  6. TheSkipper


    Andi, Where in Illinois do you live?? I used to live in Glen Ellyn, LaGrange and Naperville years ago. Sold my snow blower and moved to Albuquerque for a few years then on to Las Vegas almost 30 years ago.
  7. TheSkipper


    Andi, It has been exactly a month and I did make it to church with no problems. Other knee will be done on January 22nd. Already had my Pre-Op check-up and I am good to go. I will have about six weeks after that one is done before I board the ship, so don't expect any problems walking aboard. I have been getting injections in both of my knees once or twice a year for a decade. Doctor told me "you'll know when it is time" and he was right. Suffered with horrible knee pain on our 25 day Baltic and Transatlantic cruise aboard the Regal Princess. Spent over $1,300 in the ship's medical center and spent most of my time on my bed. Not fun!! If you need it, don't put it off. Not really that bad. They had me walking (with help) the same day as my operation. Our old Special Forces slogan was "Failure is not an option" and that is the attitude I took into this adventure. I will keep you posted on how the other knee operation goes and the recovery time to get back to normal.
  8. TheSkipper


    Off to the 9PM Christmas Eve service tonight. First time back since my surgery. And, I will walking in on my own two feet with no cane or other assistance. Praise the Lord!!
  9. TheSkipper


    Hi Gang, Just stopped by to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! And, of course a Happy New Year. Does not seem like Christmas weather here in Las Vegas with temps in the 60's, but no complaints. Mountains are snow covered now, so winter is on the way. All is well with Roe and I. I had a knee replaced about three weeks ago and it is healing great. Scheduled to have the other one replaced on January 22nd. Have a cruise scheduled for March and I am determined to walk on that ship with my brand new knees and no cane or other assistance!!! Taking a group from Church on a Holy Land Cruise out of Rome in October aboard the Celebrity Constellation. Our best to all.
  10. TheSkipper


    Hi Gang, Cannot believe what has happened in Las Vegas!! We have lived here close to 30 years and never thought we would see anything like this. Always have known we could well be a target for something, but nothing like this. There has to be something we do not know about what was behind this mass shooting. How that guy got all those guns and ammo into that room is beyond me. God be with all the families of those injured and may he also give those who have come home to him eternal peace.
  11. TheSkipper

    Avoid this Airline at all Costs!!

    Going to Orthopedic Surgeon on Thursday to see when I can schedule the first knee replacement.
  12. Just returned from a 26 day cruise of the Baltic and Transatlantic to NYC. Booked our air through Princess Cruises, Albuquerque, New Mexico to Copenhagen, Denmark. All went well until our leg out of Madrid, Spain to Copenhagen. Iberian Express service, 3 hour flight. Less that six inches of leg room for all seats. At six feet;4 inches: needless to say I was :Stuffed: into a seat. Did physical damage to both of my knees on this flight. This is a "No Frills" airline where a plastic glass of water will cost you 5 Euros. Spent over $1,300 in medical expenses aboard the Regal Princess. Anything to kill the pain in my left knee!! Used a cane for the entire cruise and had to disembark in New York City in a wheel chair. Went to my primary doctor today for more pain meds and referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Looks like a knee replacement is in my future. Bone grinding on bone thanks to my airline flight with Iberian. Just wanted to alert all my fellow cruisers to avoid this airline at all costs. Been flying all of my life and never run into a situation like this.
  13. TheSkipper

    Cruise Stateroom Night Light

    Shari, just a low light but it sure does the trick. Been using it at home too and it is for sure going on our 25 day cruise later this month.
  14. TheSkipper

    DAILY DOCK for JULY, 2017

    Ray, have a safe trip. Thought about you when I saw damage of the Eastern Shore on our local TV. Glad it missed you. Miranda, We had a room like that once and it was so loud I could feel the walls vibrating. Kinda like being inside a speaker, lol Complained and got moved. But, the good news is it was not on HAL.
  15. Have not seen any of them in our 66 cruises.. Oh well.