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  1. I live to do all of the activities on the sea days. I especially love the Not so Newlywed Game, the Pool Games, and the Casino. I just love those sea days... D
  2. I would be the Director of Security. I have always believed I could make the ships a little safer for pasengers. Plus- when I make the ship as safe as I can I can then relax and enjoy like the passengers. D
  3. I dont know if this was said in jest but this is just not possible. Cruise lines will never enforce a dress code. I personally like to dress in smart casual at the dinner table. It makes it feel more like a classy vacation to me.
  4. Hi, Havent been around in a while and it is great to be back into the cruising mode. Long story short, I havent been on a cruise (various reasons) for a long time and forgot about how great this forum is for planning... Sooooo I just booked a cruise (NCL Dawn 11-18-07 Cat BB) and am back in the swing of things. Awesome. D
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  7. This post has to be one of the year's best posts. Very funny. I can see my dog saying these types of things. Dennis
  8. I think Chris wins in a close one over Taylor. But my heart has to go out to the tall brunette. I dont think anyone really thought she would go so far. Of the five left, I like all of them and still dont think any of them would beat Carrie Underwood. She was really good. Dennis
  9. Politics and cruising- Never a good mix. Dennis
  10. And they never had to walk uphill to school- both ways :)
  11. Not a chance on this one before cruising. Titanic was bad enough to watch. P/A would be worse... Dennis
  12. I will see it in the theater and remember all family and friends that died on that day. Including flight attendant, Cee Cee Lyles (whom I worked with for several yrs). May those heroes rest in peace. God bless America
  13. I have never been on Celebrity. Being trated like I am famous sounds like fun. Great review. Dennis
  14. Joey and David, Excellent information. I always book the insurance. Well worth the money. Dennis
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