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  1. Great pictures of Alaska. What month did you go in?
  2. Thanks again everyone. Rita Ann, what do you mean by pricey? I don't think ours is such a great price and we were thinking of looking around for a better one. Our TA made the reservation for us. There were several other hotels mentioned on the vancouver port website as being close by. I think one was a Hyatt maybe. If you think of the hotel, post it. We would love to be checked in at the hotel and walked aboard. Very nice!
  3. Thank you all very much. We have planned to stay at the Hampton inn suites on Robson St. Is this a good place to stay? It's only one night, but we want to be centrally located to everything in Vancouver and close to the cruise ship terminal . Also, there are 3 families of 4, so it isn't going to be so easy to pile 12 people in a taxi real quick to go somewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Milissa
  4. Does anyone know whick dock, Canada Place in the center of town, or Ballantyne, HAL uses in Vancouver, BC? Trying to make our hotel reservations and wanted to be relatively close. Thanks in advance. :cool:
  5. Have fun-we loved Princess-sailed Sun and Golden and it was great. Princess envy going on here. Mildavis
  6. when you're cruisin'. What a feeling! mildavis
  7. Anyone in Cruisecrazies land taking the Zuiderdam on 6/10/06 to Alaska? Mildavis
  8. There are always people who have to make a bad situation worse. This is a case of bad luck and it would really be horrible if you had planned for this vacation and this had happened but you could still be having a great time on this ship with the entertainment, etc. A bad mood if very contagious, unfortunately. I think what would be worse than being on this damaged ship (at half price) would be being on this damaged ship with all these bitter people. Have fun for God's sake!!!!
  9. Thanks everyone. Actually, Jennifer, my husband loves to try new beers. He has brewed some of his own before. We just might have to check that out. After traveling from Mobile, AL to Vancouver with 6 kids and 4 other adults we will probably need a beer or two. The kids would probably love that bridge and we will definitely put that on the list. Completely off that subject, on the formal nights on Holland America, are they pretty similar to other ships in that you see all kinds of "formal" on formal night. I really do not plan to bring a long formal dress.
  10. I also have a question on clothing for the Alaskan cruises. I've heard layers, layers, layers. Sometimes it's freezing (like on the glaciers) and others it is just cool, maybe a light jacket. Are we talking a ton of clothes here?
  11. I've done both. Haven't taken the cruise booked with the travel agent yet so I'll let you know. I feel like I've done just as much leg work as if I had done the booking myself but it was nice to leave the details to someone else.
  12. We will have most of the day Friday and all Friday night to see Vancouver. We now have another family of 4 joining our party making it 6 adults and 6 children. 3 of the kids will be 12 yrs old, 1 age 11, 1 age 9, and 1 age 7. What would be the best course of action for all of us to do in vancouver on Friday? We are taking the Amtrak over Friday morning from Seattle. Hit me with exciting highlights of Vancouver, Jennifer!
  13. I use to feel that way too Selena. About the warm. But I live in Mobile, AL and we have warm just about all the time. I am looking for a little change in temperature. Besides, I here the glaciers are unbelievable. Last year we took the family skiing in Keystone, Colorado, and the kids loved the snow (as well as skiing). We see snow about twice in our lifetime in Mobile, if that.
  14. Well, we finally decided that (on this trip anyway) we will not go to Victoria, but we will get to Vancouver early. We are going to travel by the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver on the Friday before we sail. The kids are very excited, as are the children, I mean, the adults. We are still deciding on the excursions. I guess we still have plenty of time. Still keep those suggestions coming. Thanks for all the input. Mildavis
  15. Hi everyone, We are two families of 4 getting ready to go on Holland AMerica on the June 10 sailing from Vancouver. WE are flying into Seattle and are trying to arrange to get over to Victoria for a day before the cruise. (Haven't figured this one out yet) Any suggestions on Shore excursions for Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan? The children are ages 8, 11, 12 & 12. They are not wimps, either. Any suggestions would be great! Mildavis, Mobile, AL :cool:
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