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  1. not blood, but oh my gosh!
  2. Tamara


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  4. idiot made a fool of himself
  5. If you're cruising to Alaska from Vancouver and are planning to spend a few days here, bring an umbrella or plan to buy one here from our fabulous selection. (it rains a lot here and we have super umbrellas!) The weather is still a little unsettled, even in mid July. It can be grey and cloudy in the morning and then hot in the afternoon, or the opposite.
  6. I think that sitting at a table with others is...an adventure. And that is really what travelling is all about, yes? Being seated with delightful people and forming friendships with people from other parts of the world is fantastic. Feeling like you've been "stuck" with horrid people is fodder for discussion later in the evening. (but we would never speak ill of others, would we? lol) I, myself, think that I am a fantastic and pleasant dinner companion, contribute glittering conversation to the table and am never boring. HA!
  7. said, "My sequins are falling off!"
  8. I think that for any cruise line, not overstating services would be good. I want them to live up to their promises. I went to Alaska on HAL last year and had envisioned from the brochures (and I should know better, but still) pea soup and real hot chocolate available on deck every day, all day. I could live on good pea soup and real hot chocolate. The reality was, there was crappy hot chocolate from a machine every day and one pea soup and good hot chocolate day and you'd better get in the soup line real quick or it's gone. A small issue, perhaps, as I certainly didn't go hungry on the cruise.
  9. "Two heads are better for many..."
  10. her high school sweetheart appeared and....
  11. Too bad you don't live in Saskatchewan, you could just get in the car and drive in a straight line. Easier on the shoulder. if you can't manage the "hand signals" (and that is just so rude of you :)) maybe you could draw the signals on sheets of paper and just hold them up to express your discontent.
  12. I went to Alaska last May on HAL. We chose HAL because we were told by experienced cruisers that it was "the" line to take to Alaska. We live in Vancouver so it was very easy. The weather when we went was sunny and warm. of all the tours available, I heard that the glacier / dog sled was the best. peopole were raving about it. Ketchikan definitely has the best shopping.
  13. I can disguise him as a ...
  14. The momorail is a good way to get around, but the stop nearest our hotel would require a walk through a not very populated block so we didn't use it to get home. You get free beaded Mardi Gras style necklaces for using the monorail. Saturday saw many brides in full regalia. We were having a yard long Margarita in a bar in the Luxor and this bride in white dress and veil came in, sat at the bar and said, 'I need a big drink, I'm getting married in an hour". Everyone in the place offered to buy her one. I think she was probably in good shape by the time of the nuptials. Wayne Newton was on vacation when we were there. Instead it was Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme. We didn't go see them. I remember watching them on the variety shows when I was a kid in the 60's. 40 years later, they don't look much different in their photos.
  15. Vegas rocks!! There was too much to see and do. We couldn't make a commitment to anything and didn't have time to see everything. We lost all focus. Gambled a bit, didn't win big or break even, but did well enough that it was cheap entertainment. I didn't excel at gambling, but won big in the shopping department! Those new big hotels are amazing. If I had mega bucks I would stay at the Venetian. The Stardust was an excellent value, better than we expected. Kathleen had never been to Vegas before and now she wants to go at least once a year.
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