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  1. 346 I have 2 under my belt and Im leaving Saturday with my new Husband on cruise number 3
  2. Ive stayed at the Holiday Inn on Biscayne Blvd twice. Its a nice hotel right across the street from the Bayside Market Place(a fun place to shop) And if you ask for a high room facing the port you can actually watch the cruise ships coming into port at about 4am or so. Its really awesome.
  3. We have taken our on alcolhol on board and there was an ice machine about 2 doors down from us. VERY nice. Bring a liquer that you mix with juice and not soda. Juice is free=)
  4. Great pictures! Im jealous, I'm also sitting in about 13 inches of snow and wish I could be laying out some where on the ocean too!
  5. Just because the Steelers beat NE the first time they met this year dont mean anything. LOL remember the Dolphins?! Just be careful of what you say, you dont want anything to come back and bite you in the ######
  6. Go PATRIOTS!!!! They are my all time favorite team! Im from Iowa and around here its very uncommon to find other Pats fans!
  7. Thanks everyone...even though i am so excited i am also kinda bummed...i looked at the weather report and its supposed to rain while we are in miami, jamacia and grand cayman!!!!
  8. Traditional, its like going to a fancy restaurant every night!
  9. does it cost any money to cash them in the casino or guest relations?
  10. Does Cozumel, Jamacia and the Grand Cayman Island accept them? And how do you all travel with travelers checks, cash or credit?
  11. agreed...i dont think i could ever eat one...
  12. I live in Iowa and a local supermarket chain is going under here also...Ecnofoods I dont know if anyone has heard about it or not, but the one in my town is located right across the street from super walmart! Go figure!
  13. i love sitting in the sun, its so relaxing...but only for a couple hours at a time so i dont burn!
  14. Yes i saw it on MTVs Spring Break this year and i want to go there sooo bad when im in Jamaica but im pretty sure its too far to travel from Ocho Rios...
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