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  1. Hi I posted a message to you on your photo site with the pictures of the explorer of the seas cruise, I believe it was on the Web Shots site. I would like the link to those cruise sites you were speaking of that has been removed from this site, Thank You Charlene lvs2cruz######
  2. All of my cruises have been "My Perfect Cruise" I couldn't ask for anything better, other than to live on one for the rest of my life!!!!
  3. For those who will be sailing on the Sun Princess soon, I just wanted to let you all know that she is in great shape!! The food was the best ever, the entertainment was the best, and the CD Dan was very very funny!! Captain Kent, was the best we have ever had, and it was so nice to be able to understand every word he spoke. The one thing I loved the most was, the crew were standing at the doors of all of the dining areas to make you wash your hands before eating, GREAT JOB PRINCESS! The crew even made you wash your hands before leaving or boarding the ship as well! GREAT JOB PRINCESS!! No signs of norovirus on this sailing due to the fact of washing washing your hands. The Deck Attendents (with white golf shirts and brown shorts) made the smokers stay on the smoking side (Port side) of the ship if asked to do so!! It is even posted on the doors before leaving or entering the outside..GREAT JOB PRINCESS!! This cruise rates a 10+ out of 10 in my book!! Don't believe all those bad reports about the Sun that you have read!!
  4. I think its a personal thing such as, we are all so different in our thoughts and needs! I also think its a matter of what you want out of a cruise. To us we love people of all ages, shapes, sizes and race. And Princess gives us our every need. It has good Itineraries, great shore excursions, and a wide varierty of good food, something for everyone. Granted its not quality food, but if I was serving that many people everyday I don't think my food would be quality either!! The entertainment is what we enjoy, and we find that Princess has the best of shows. We also love to dance, and Princess also offers a wide variety of music to dance to. We have sailed on Princess 7 times out of 12 cruises, and we will never leave Princess!!! :wink:
  5. Jason If I won the lottery, I would buy a suite on a cruise ship and live there for the rest of my life!!
  6. Don't forget your clothes pins or potatoe chip clip, to weight down shower curtain, no more shower curtain stuck your bottom!! This was the best idea that I ever received!!
  7. Yes we are sailing on the same cruise Sun Princess 2/7/05, and the best part we know each other very well, infact we are good friends!! That makes for a good cruise right?
  8. My Funny or Crazy Cruise Story begin's in 2/18/03 Dawn Princess 10-day Southern Caribbean. I have heard so many times on the cruise messages boards, that on the Aloha deck or the Baja deck in front of the ship. There are some doors marked "Employee's Only!! If you open these two doors while going through the Panama Canal you will have the best view of all, and that it is very private. So one day while out to sea sailing at 22 knotts, My husband and I thought we would go looking for those doors marked "employees only" on the Aloha or Baja deck. We were on the Baja deck, and opened the two doors marked employees only, when all of a sudden the gust of wind pulled me out like a suction cup. I was flying like a "HUMAN FLAG" hanging on to the door for dear life. My hat blew off, my sun glasses were gone, my skirt that I had on was starting to slide down my legs, and I was screaming for dear life HELP HELP ME!! My husband was laughing so hard, at the way I looked and what was happening to me, he almost wet his paints. He tried so hard to pull me back into the hall way but I weigh more than he does. I knew I was a gone forever!! Finally between the both of us we managed to pull me in, but we couldn't retrieve anything that I had lost cause it all went over board. We never once thought that we shouldn't of opened those doors at the front of the ship, unless we were sailing the panama canal at "slow speed" not at 22 knotts. When we meant back up with our friends later that day, they all asked what was wrong with me, cause I must of looked a fright. I never told them until a year later cause I was so embarrassed at how stupid I was!!! So let this be a warning to all, only opened those doors on the Aloha or Baja deck at the front of the ship "marked" employees only when you are in port or sailing at a very SLOW SPEED..And Yes it is very private up there!!
  9. I think Kerry won hands down, because he didn't have to cheat by wearing a receiver on his back to speak, like Bush did. Thats what made Bush able to speak so well, was because he had that receiver on his back, with his people giving him the answer's. That's a low blow to the community!! Shame on you Bush!! and Now his press agent is trying to cover it all up, by saying it wasn't a receiver, it was something else but won't say what it was. Sounds kind of phoney to me, do they think the public is stupid and couldn't see the buldge under his jacket.. "Oh what a tangled Web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"
  10. To all the ships we've sailed before Who've taken us from shore to shore We're glad you came along We dedicate this song To all the ships we've sailed before. To all the Friends We've made on board To all the moments never bored I wish I would be there I could if I would dare To all the ships we've sailed before To all the ports that we've been to And all the onboard things we do We're glad we did them all We just can't wait to call To book another cruise or two We haven't sailed enough you see Way too much time ashore for me Not enough vacation time Too few dollars, cents, and dimes It's back afloat we want to be To all the food that was so good And yes we tried to eat all we could And now we have to pay For all the weight displayed To all the food that was so good And now its time to bid adieu I wish I could spend more time with you We've had the best of time The memories are all mine To share afew with all of you!! :wink:
  11. We have AT&T and love it, we have tried many other wirless service and all of them were worst that AT&T!! :rolleyes:
  12. on the sports deck----keeping time to the music
  13. on the sports deck----keeping time to the music
  14. with all of the good food I'm getting FAT
  15. with all of the good food I'm getting FAT
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