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  1. Mary Lou, Please make sure you check references of anyone trying to adopt your dog. Being in rescue, I learned quite a bit about research labs. People would answer your ad and, with the assurance of giving it a good home, would then sell it to a lab. No animal should wind up like that. Best bet, check vet references. Good luck
  2. Hi Charlie, I'm glad you stopped by to chat. I am also fairly new to the boards and I sure do enjoy hearing about new people and the things they do. I'm sorry to hear of your back problems. Hang in there~! The weather in PA. is almost 50 today. This month has been sooooo cold that this is a welcome change. I've GOT to get back into walking everyday. My greenhouse business keeps me very active but it's just not the same as hitting the road. Plus, the dogs love to go too. Mimi
  3. Good morning, Carole, tell me about your military son/daughter. You should be very proud that they're serving their country. Walt was in Viet Nam so any time I hear of someone in the military, it also makes me proud. Cheryl, you can come to Pa. and give me ideas for my kitchen. It's needs to be done so badly and it seems like "well maybe next year". Walt ususally does all repairs, even siding. He hates having someone else do the work but he just doesn't have the time to get all the honey do's done. Bad weather coming our way too. I'd better sign off before Issy deletes everything again. Mimi
  4. Good morning everyone. We're back to the cold and wind again but at least the sun is out and it makes it seem warmer. One of my cats, Isabelle, (Issy) just loves to torment me when I'm on the computer. I'm not a wiz at this computer stuff and more than once she's deleted something I was working on. Issy is almost 3yrs. old, long black hair and she's just a sweet as can be. I rescued her from a drainage ditch when she was only 3 weeks old so she's really special. I have two others, Smarty and Schuster, the same age My other cats are all older. I get such joy from my animals. Friday is the day a local greenhouse offers 1/2 price plug flats, my favorite day!! So, I'm off to see what I can find. I get to try many new things because most of the flats have a little of this and a little of that. I love making combo planters so this is a good way of adding new things. It's a beautiful day, so I hope everyone has a stress free day. Deep breaths ....... Mimi l
  5. Small world Joey and David. My brother lives in Morgantown and is head of something or other at the hospital. What a beautiful area. I wish you both well. Let me know when you get settled and maybe I can get you in touch with my brother and his wife. Beautiful pictures, Mercedes. Sure wish I could get one of my boys married!! Getting late, Rob is 43 and Andrew turns 40 next month. Mimi
  6. Good morning everyone, What a beautiful day. It's so nice to see the sun shining and all the snow melting. Lots of plants are starting to bloom in the greenhouse. I have so many new colors of petunias this year ~ really beautiful. At this time of the year, I cut all the plants back to make them nice and full. Soooo, I don't get to see the colors again till they're ready for sale. Mary Lou, I'm glad your grandson is doing better. What's his name? Our neighbor has a son with Autism and they also use sign language. I have some great cookie recipes and as soon as I have a few extra minutes, I'll share them. I don't like peanut butter, so I usually bake them, but I DO love nuts and raisons . This time the cookies had nuts, raisons, oatmeal and chocolate chips. A sure sign of disaster having them around me. Time to get back to work. Mimi
  7. I think I posted in the wrong place so now I know, this is where to come for the "daily chat" I checked out some of the recipes, yum. Once a week I bake cookies for the staff at one of the greenhouses I go to. I put them in zip lock bags, then wrap in foil, then wrap with packing tape and put in the freezer. All that USUALLY keeps me out of them! Mimi
  8. We were upgraded to a Grand on our recent Radiance cruise ~ first time. After 24 cruises with RCL, you become diamond + and are able to call 2 weeks before your cruise to see if any suites are available. If there are, bingo, it's yours for the asking. I did see the owners suite next door and it was huge. The grand is plenty big enough for two people, especially if there is no cost involved.
  9. Hi everyone and thank you for the welcome. This evening I had to go to a meeting for my pesticide license. As I said, I am an animal lover. Well, this meeting was for mostly farmers, and I knew that, but needed the credit, so I went. They spent the first hour talking about killing dear and geese. I was giggle to myself because my hands were really sweating listening to all this. I know how destructive deer can be and maybe I'd feel differently if they were destroying my property. It just amused me that I wound up in that type of conversation. Gee, I never got my donut today! Mimi
  10. Hi everyone, I have tried to catch up on at least the Feb. posts. It's been many years since I've posted on the "crazies". My name is Mimi and we live in Pa. Mary Lou, we're probable about 1 1/2 hrs. from you. We live in Bedminster, about 25 min. below Quakertown. My husband Walt and I love cruising and have completed 28 cruises with RCCL and about 4-5 with other companys. I have a small greenhouse business and Walt is a jack of all trades. Forklift business, builds and designs watering systems for greenhouses and LOVES classic cars. My passion, besides cruising, is animals. I have 9 cats, 2 dogs and 2 swans ~ all rescues. I belong to a rescue group and this is how I get in big trouble! We have the Exployer booked for Nov. 11, 2007. 12 nights leaving from Bayone, NJ. ~ first time we're able to drive to the port. Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Mimi
  11. Keep the ship in good shape for us because we'll be on the Exployer the week you come home. We're doing a 12 night going to the Southern Caribbean. What cabin are you in? We really lucked out and got a great price on a grand. Never paid for a grand before!! Mimi
  12. Hi Herb, Well, we're not sailing with you (darn) but wanted to let you know the Radiance is our favorite ship. We sailed her Oct. 27, 2006, Nov.25-Dec.9 (back to back) and again Jan. 14, 2007. It's unusual for us to cruise that many weeks, but, oh well! I don't think you can board the ship till at least 11 am. We've completed 28 cruises with RCL and have never been able to board sooner than that. We live in PA. so we always fly down the day before and love staying in FLL. Our son is a wiz at getting us a great hotel on pirceline. If you have any questions, ask away. Mimi
  13. Wow, great ideas. I think big so the bike and cruise sound great to me. I'm a take charge person, "what'll it take to make it happen" is my new motto!!! Thanks everybody, I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  14. Great ideas, thanks!!! I know we could have the bike ride and feeding everybody wouldn't be a problem. Thats sounds great!!! I also like the idea of a cruise raffle. Do you think any cruise line would donate one? How in the world would I go about this? Thanks everybody for their suggestions. Mimi
  15. Anyone have any good ideas for a fund raiser? I belong to a np organization (spay/neuter for animals) and I need some fresh ideas for a fund raiser. I've done yard sales, walks, 50's dances, silent auctions. Made good money at the dances but so much work and so little help. Thanks! Mimi
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