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  1. Hi Mebert, Thank you for the great advice regarding disembarking procedures. I'm more relaxed now knowing I have some control and what to do to ensure prompt exit. Your reponse and help is greatly appreciated! Luv2Humor :cheesy:
  2. Hi Keith/Rita, Howard, Shari2, & GottaCruz: Thank you for the kind well wishes for a great cruise. For many months I've been looking forward to this week. Finally in a few days I set sail, YAHOO! Thanks again, Luv2Humor! :cheesy:
  3. My first all exciting cruise departs this next Sunday, January 29, 2005. Heading to the western carribean, 7-day cruise on the Carnival Glory. Need a drastic change from the 9" inches of snow that fell yesterday and below freezing temps! Sure will be nice to put on sandals instead of boots....Make Merry! :wink: Luv2Humor
  4. Hi all, Can anyone please advise if Traveler's checks can be exchanged for cash while sailing on the Carnival Glory? Or is this practice discouraged? Thank you for viewing my question and responding. It's appreciated :wink: Luv2Humor
  5. Hi Lisa/Jeff, Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question regarding disembarkation vs making my flight home on time. I called the TA and also questioned if our scheduled flight time home was too early vs the ship arriving in the port. The TA assured me (our cruise group totals 17) that we should be able to disembark with the first group off the ship. She mentioned that I have to make sure the purser knows of our early flight time. A private van is to be at the port to pick us up at 8:45 a.m. for delivery to the airport. I sure hope this tight schedule can be met without incident. Thanks again for responding. I sure appreciate your expertise! BTW Jeff, this will be my first cruise, but I sure hope I like it enough to become a dedicated sailor like yourself! :wink: Luv@Humor
  6. Hi all again, Another question comes to mind as a first time cruiser... Upon completion of our fantastic cruise, our ship (Carnival Glory) will return to port at approximately 7:00 a.m., at Port Canaveral. Our travel agent arranged a flight for us to head home departing Orlando airport at 11:25 a.m. Can anyone help with the time it takes to 'debark'. I also know it's an hour drive from the port to the airport. Any helpful advice to ensure rapid exit would be greatly appreciated. Getting excited .....six days to go, YAHOO! Thanks again for the helpful advice. Luv2Humor :wink:
  7. Hi all, Our first cruise is set and we shall soon sail to the Western Carribean on the Carnival Glory. We depart Saturday, Jan 29th, from Port Canaveral. Very excited, but totally unsure what to expect. One question....is U.S. cash/coin used in the ship's casinos? Not totally sure what the Sail & Sign Card includes. Also, if I want to call home, can this done at ports of call using a calling card? Lastly, rather than abusing my credit card, is it advisable to make purchases via cash and traveler's checks? Just wondering what currency is exchanged in the ports of call after making a purchase. Thank you for responding! Off to packing..... :wink:
  8. My husband and I will be enjoying our first cruise in early February. We are going with a group of 17 others, and our trip was arranged through a travel agent. This being my first cruise experience, I felt good about booking through a travel agent entrusting that they know a whole lot more than I do. :cheesy:
  9. Hello ssatterly, Welcome aboard. I'm a new member also. I've posed a few questions and have received helpful advice. I'll be taking my first cruise in Febr 2005, on the Carnival Glory. I'm docked in Wisconsin. Have fun sharing and enjoy the good advice in the discussion forum. Toodles, Luv2Humor :smiley:
  10. Hello All, Is there a restriction regarding luggage size when boarding the Carnival Glory? This will be my first cruise experience (2005-February) and I'm wondering if there is a luggage restriction size. I believe luggage size has restrictions when traveling via air out of the country, but I'm simply not sure when taking a vacation by boat. Thanks a lot for any help offered. It's much appreciated! (Just don't want to forget anything for my first, exciting cruise!)
  11. Hazelson, Thank you for replying to my question. Your kind sharing of experiences while visiting the ports in question are helpful. Also, thanks for directing me to the CCL web site for direct help with excursion costs. In previously checking out their web site, I apparently missed this information. I'm glad to hear you're first experience on the Glory was wonderful. Thanks again for responding to my question! Sure glad I'm a part of CruiseCrazies. I'll be posting more questions in the near future and will gladly welcome your help and input. Take Care Hazelson :-)
  12. Hello, My husband and I are planning a cruise on the Carnival Glory (7-days) in February, 2005. This is our first cruise and we could use some help. Our trip includes port stops in Key West, Belize, Cozumel and Merida. We're interested in most activities such as biking, sight seeing, swimming, snorkling, cave tubing, kayaking, etc. Sure could use some advice as to positive excursion experiences. Also, what does approximately $, $$, $$$, $$$$ equate to in cost/charge? Thanks for the helpful advice. It's appreciated.
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