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  1. Hi gang, haven't been here in a while. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Can't believe how the economy has gone from bad to worst. Big layoffs at my work place, hope I will make the cut. In the meantime, we're cutting back on everything, including travel! I cancelled a cruise to South America for December and probably the April one to Asia. So I'm not very a happy camper! LOL I'm still on for this one, and may do a Panama Canal cruise in April and a Alaska sailing during the summer. We'll see what happens. Take care! Ray
  2. I have to agree with Joe.....Regent. Even though I never sailed with them, my family and I had the opportunity to tour the Voyager and have lunch in their buffet. We were guests of Jeff (Kroooz-Cams fame). We were really impressed with the food, selection and service. I know this was only one meal, but it definitely left a lasting impression!
  3. I will never forget this day. My brother in law worked on the 96th floor of the second tower that was hit. He was lucky........many of his co-workers weren't.
  4. Okay, I'll jump into this fryng pan.......... I think Sarah Palin's pick will marginally help McCain. She seems to be a typical all American mom.......but her weakness like Obama is experience. There were other better qualified female Veep candidates (Rice, Hutchinson, Fiorina and Whitman) in the party. Just hope she's ready for the nastiness that comes with running for the number two office in America.
  5. Rose and Howie, you lucky devils! Guess you guys are starting the Crazies party a year early. Have a great time with Jackie and Tony on the Mariner. Wishing all a perfect sailing, especially the weather! Bon Voyage! Ray
  6. Jackie and Tony, have a great time on your cruise! May the weather be perfect, seas smooth and of course the food.......savory excellent. Happy sailing! Ray
  7. Joey, your time has arrived! The Mercury is awaiting you and David for a spectacular cruise to Alaska. Enjoy the sights and bring back a piece of a glacier! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures! Ray
  8. Wow, this thread is getting hot and steamy!
  9. All you guys look great! I wear a tux on certain sailings.........usually on Celebrity and Cunard. Other lines I just wear a dark suit.
  10. Jenn, you look great, but something's missing..........oh it's the red hat! LOL
  11. Hi gang, just dropping in to say hi! Been really busy, hopefully soon I can start reading these posts! Ray
  12. Never heard of them........must be Floridian wine with grapes grown in the Everglades!
  13. If you're going to visit the Old Town, you might as well see the cliff divers. It's only a half mile away, but I never realized it was that close till I walked it myself this past February!
  14. The Port of San Francisco is the closest to us........a mere 30 miles, but travel time can vary from 40 minutes to a couple of hours depending on traffic.
  15. I've been on all of Celebrity's ships except the Millennium and Expedition. My favorite ship is definitely the Mercury (7x on her). She seems like home to me.
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