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  1. One large ship, One larger iceberg....Titanic :shocked: Richard
  2. One large ship, One larger iceberg....Titanic :shocked: Richard
  3. One large ship, One larger iceberg....Titanic :shocked: Richard
  4. Oh your going to hate me......it's almost 80 here and bright sunnshine :grin: Richard
  5. That was fun....Thanks. Now what do I do :huh: Richard
  6. OMG Jeff, is that one "frozen thingee" for all cruisecrazies or one "frozen thingee" for each cruisecrazie? :shocked: I don't mind one for each but I wonder what my bar tab will be like at the end of the cruise! :rolleyes: If it's one for each, let know how many members there are in this fourm so I can bring enough pain pills because I'll need them for my head :grin: Richard
  7. TWO DAYS!!! m.s. Ryndam eight nights Mexico with Christmas at sea!! :grin: I'm almost packed. Happy Holidays to all. Richard :grin:
  8. Hi all and Thank You for the Happy Birthday wish. It's great to recive them. Now a year older. I'm ready for my Christmas cruise and really looking forward to it. We leave for San Diego by train early Saturday morning to board m. s. Ryndam for the eight night Mexico cruise. :grin: This will be our 7th Christmas at sea and I can't think of any other place I would rather spend Christmas. :wink: So if I don't have the oppertunity to say this before the next two day's pass I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!! Richard P.S. I was rather shocked to see the Krooz-Cams site gone this morning!! :shocked:
  9. It's working now, so whoever made the fix, Thanks so much Richard :grin: Thank you Jason
  10. Thank you very much. I'll check later. Richard :grin:
  11. Thanks Teacp, But I don't have anything open on the left. It's just all blue screen. Richard :sad:
  12. I wanted to read the new Monarch review because I just got off her myself. However there is an advertisement covering the GO botton. :rolleyes: I'll check back later. Richard :smiley:
  13. Jason, Sorry but I did not see this till today. All is fine with me and Thanks so much for asking. Richard
  14. Hi Crazies, Well I got back on Monday but been way to hard at work to even check in. Very small cabins to say the least. The ship is very nice and in good shape. Very well kept and clean. The food was great. Entertainment, some of the best I have seen in years! Service was good. In all my years of cruising I have never had this happen. I wonder if it's a fuel saving thing. We left Ensanada on time and sailed off into the sunset. After dinner, shows, drinks till the wee hours it was off to bed. At around 0500 I got up and went out on deck to have a smoke. The ship was just floating in the water not moving at all. No land in sight as it was 0500 and still dark but there we are just setting there. No anchor in the water, just drifting. :huh: No reason was given so I guess they think everyone is in bed sleeping so why go anywhere. I just thought it was a really strang thing. Well that's about it for now so I hope you all have a great weekend. Richard :smiley:
  15. Alright!! Thanks everyone for the send off. I'll be checking the ship out and do a review on my return. The weather looks like it will be great. Don't know if I'll get of the ship in Ensanada, been there, done that, got the teeshirt. :grin: I feel like it's going to be a deckchair, good book and a frozen thingee :cool: How's that sound? I'll check in later. Richard
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