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  1. Just want to wish everyone a great weekend. It is FINALLY going to be warm enough to have our yard sale - YEAH!!!!
  2. EXCELLENT IDEAS - I will look at the site and then talk to my co-worker to see if they have anything special planned. I know her hubby was an Eagle and the scout leader so I'm sure they know the pride in the items. That's why I'm having such a hard time with it.
  3. I need help. A close co-worker has invited us to her son's Eagle ceremony. While I know her son I don't know enough to get anything personnal as a gift. What is a good gift for a 17 year old with such a great accomplishment? He is graduating this year also and I planned to give him the universal gift (money) but wanted to come up with something different. Is there something special related to scouting that might make a great gift?
  4. I want to applaude all those who post everyday. I don't know how you do it. I feel bad that I don't have time to address everyone individually but do want everyone to know that I have been following the posts. I feel strange just posting about my day without recognizing those that make this board tick. So I just want to say to those who need prayers and good thoughts - they are coming your way from me. Those who have big adventures coming up - I can't wait to hear how everything turns out and those who just fill us in on your lives - thank you for taking the time to post. Have a GREAT day!
  5. I’ve been meaning to post for days but it seems like just when I have time something happens, I see everyone has been busy. I’ve been trying to follow everyone’s “exploits”. I want to express warm thoughts and prayers to those that need it (including pappy). I want to say to Carmen that I’m elated to know that justice was served. Many, many years ago when I was just 19 I was followed home by a man that I later found out was wanted for questioning in many rapes. God was looking out for me – literally. I was living with my parents at the time and there was a church across the street with 3 crosses on a hill – all light up. When I pulled into my driveway and turned off my engine something made me look in my rear window mirror. The window was fogged over but I could see a silhouette cast upon the window from the lights across the street of someone standing behind my car. I immediately locked my door (which now I do as soon as I enter my car – even in my own garage) and could see him coming up along the side the car in my side mirror. It was very late – like 2 in the morning and everyone in the house was sleeping. Not many houses around. I just laid on the horn. When he realized that I knew he was there he started up his engine and left. I realized that this was probably a car I had seen earlier that the driver was acting strangely (I suspect he was on the prowl). It took a few minutes for my heart to settle down and even them I was affraid that he had just backed out and when I tried to exit he would be there waiting. Before I exited the car I took off my high heels – held one tightly with the heel out in one hand and inter-locked my keys between the fingers of my other. Jumped out of the car and ran yelling and screaming into the house. My parents’ bedroom is on the far side of the house and they did not awake when I was laying on the horn – as the neighbors friends had a habit of doing this late at night. Lucky for me the man behind my car didn’t know this. I told my parents’ what had happened but opted not to call the police because I didn’t see the man – I mean what could they do?? The next morning after talking to my girlfriend she told me we should go down to the police department. When I started to decribe the distinctive car to the officer he stopped me and went to get another detective. Come to find out the car fit the description of one involved in several rapes. I feel very lucky and feel that I had an angel on my side that night. Since that day I remain very alert to my surroundings. You can never be too careful. I know my life would have been forever changed (in a different way) if I had not looked up. God was watching. It has been crazy – weather and otherwise. Just a few days ago it was in the 80’s and then to get 6 inches of snow – which we rarely get anyhow – talk about strange weather. I don’t have time to post much else – although a lot has happened this week – can’t believe it’s Friday already. I just wanted to express my elation over Carmens news. Maybe I’ll have time this weekend. Take care everyone
  6. How many days are you cruising? My Carnival cruise is 9 days and the insurance is 129 pp. I'm going on a 5 night.
  7. I wouldn't have paid full price for the luggage I bought. As far as a scale. I bought a fish scale that went to 50 pounds. It worked great for Alaska as I wanted to weigh the luggage before we got off the ship. I think I paid $3.00 at Wally World. How much is the one you found mercedes
  8. I'm going to Progresso twice this year and would like some not to miss suggestions.
  9. Oh yeah - and I do agree - you need new luggage.
  10. I always go with cheap stuff because it doesn't seem to matter how much I pay for luggage - one trip and it's shot. I was in Wally World just before Christmas and they were clearancing suitcases. I picked up 2 - 20" American Tourister bags - regular $60 something bucks for $25 each. Then last week I'm in Wally World again and see the same bag for $25. These are the nice swivel bags. Plus there was a 21 inch bag for $23. Grabbed both of them - so while they all don't match they are perfect so that each one of us have a nice carry on.
  11. I have decided to take the Carnival insurance. I'm going to go ahead and put the insurance on my sisters cabin also. $59 isn't bad - $39 for my niece. I have until final payment to add it - just have to remember
  12. Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Nate - I told him he had lots of people rooting for him. He did feel good enough to play in part of the first game - they got smashed. I don't know why they bother to do classifications (spent 4 hours at the gym last week while they were evaluated). Both teams they played against were way superior. The first game they lost 32 to 7. Then they had to play the team that had beaten that team. It wasn't as bad 28 to 12 but I think that was because they were "saving" it fo rthe championship game. The coach was mighty ticked as we were the only team in this situation. I know it must be difficult but you would think they would look at the teams record from the year before. Are boys are just beginners - a lot of these players have been playing on the same team for years. Oh well - he played more the second game and even made a basket - which made his day. They got bronze medals and we were done by 2:15. My DH and I are one our way to being certified coaches for SO track and field. I wouldlove to be a Bocce coach and start a team but not much interest. I may tag along with another for this year - get my certificaion and then try for next year. We missed the deadline to get certifed in basketball. We are taking Nate out for a congratulatory dinner so I will bid you all good-night. Maybe I'll get a chance to see what everyone has been up to tomorrow - just wanted to fill you in on the event.
  13. Wow! I went into a little panic there when I saw closed and then couldn't find the Daily for March - then of course I went back and READ the entire post - whewwww, that was close. Special Olympics is today and wouldn't you know it - Nate woke up feeling under the weather. Same thing happened for area Bowling. He got a 5th place ribbon that day (hasn't gotten a ribbon in years - only medals). He did better at the States - grabbing a gold. Only problem is his team doesn't do State for basketball so it's today or nothing. His temp is about 99.8 - which really isn't a temp but he has a back headache. We are going to go for the 11 o clock gaem and see how he feels. He has practiced so hard and as his coach told me this morning when I called to tell her he wasn't in the best shape "Boy we need him". So we will go and see what happens. They will get a medal (1st, 2nd or 3rd) as there are only 3 teams in his classification - but still. Looks like many are going to have a busy day. I know what it's like to worry about our "puppies". Our little princess is 4 years old and "SUFFERS" from severe allergy to grass. Now that it's warming up down here hubby mowed and boy is she going to town aleady on trying to remove every bit of hair from her face and paws (itching and biting). I think this year we are going to have to go for the shots. We have avoided them because of the steriods but the benadril (sp) just isn't working anymore. Boy I wish I was cruising today (ahhh). As I have metioned on the boards Nate is going with us group of ladies in September (as I will NEVER get away with crusing without him). He counts down EVERY day and at some points drives us nuts with all the simple questions he asks - like .... Where are we going to stop and eat on the way? Do you think we'll have to walk from the parking area to the ship or will they have a shuttle? You get the idea. Well, DH was a little upset that he wouldn't get a cruise in this year (work is a bear) but we decided we would go in April (the 19th) on the same ship - Ecstasy out of Galveston. We didn't tell Nate about it because he would be driving us CRAZY with questions - they get more and more frequent the closer we get - like 20 questions a day. Plus we weren't sure up until final payment if we were even going to go - so we didn't tell him. We are going to tell him on the Friday before (the ship sails Saturday) that we have decided to head to Galveston for a couple days. We are going to drop the dog off at her best friends (Jackie - a Jack Russell Terrier) and head to Galveston. When we get close we're going to say - you know, do we really want to stay in Galveston - really one day is enough. Maybe we should go other places too! Then pull in - pull out the luggage and off we go. I think he is going to be so excited. I have video on my camera but I'm thinking about buying a video camera. Well - I didn't mean to be on so long - I have to get ready. Just wanted to wish everyone a great day.
  14. I can relate. I work with 5 engineers - OH BOY :)
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