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  3. Well, we are back. Because of some scheduling conflicts we ended up sailing the Inspiration out of Tampa. The golfing was fantastic - especially in Mexico. Most beautiful course I have ever played. Now, we will never sail Carnival again. We did give it a try because of the golfing. But it is just not a cruise line for us. We really missed the Disney service and amenities - they are hard to beat.
  4. We stayed at the Radisson in Port Canaveral last year for 2 nights pre cruise and 1 night post cruise. We really liked the place - nice pool area, very quiet atmosphere. There are not alot of things to do close by. The hotel did shuttle off to and from the beach for free though.
  5. This one is a little tricky! I do not think that it is an island that accepts major airlines! Just a guess though. Could be Saba or Anguilla or some small island like that.
  6. When I first read that some people could not figure out why you would watch movie on board I was a litttle confused - until I just realized that not every ship has a movie theatre that runs newly released movies I guess I am just spoiled by Disney and thought every ship had a full movie theater in it! My kids loved grabbing some cookies and heading into watch the newly released Incredibles at 10:00 p.m. I am glad I read this thread or else I would have been asking where the movie theater was when I boarded the Inspiration in January!
  7. I also think that the MExican government will do all things possible to get Cancun and Cozumel ready for this upcoming vacation season. Tourism is the only thing that keeps these places running and it will be more devastating to those places if they do not get tourists back ASAP. Now I do not know much about Mexico and if they even have the capabilities to repair these places quickly. But for those poor people that live there and rely on tourist $'s I hope they are able to get the tourists back soon.
  8. Folders are a must! Otherwise all of these important vacation details will get all mixed up. I have my travel plans in a binder, that way when I have pre-registered and booked my excursions they are all neatly and safely put away. I typically have 3 vacations booked at once! And when you travel with 6 people - you have to be organized!
  9. Not to sure, it sure looks very populous around that particular area.
  10. Let me guess - your docs?? You are doing the doc dance!
  11. Do not even have any guesses - but when I find out it will be on my list of places to travel too. Very beautiful and exactly what I need when the wind and snow is blowing in January!
  12. JoeyandDavid - I so have to agree on you with this! We can all speculate what happened to her and try and blame this person or that person, but will never really know. I have had the same thoughts since this happened - why go off with islanders by yourself in the wee hours of the morning? Another question I have is what kind of friends does she have to let her do so? This is a huge reminder to all who travel, use your common sense!
  13. St. Maatren was my guess too - what was the answer to the last picture??
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