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  1. Just watch this. its 95 secs.

  2. Anyone see the new Paula Deen pic where she is pretending to be Lucy Ricardo with a red wig and her son is supposed to be Ricky but his face is covered by brown make up? Well she is catching hell for this too. In real life Ricky looked nothing like that. His complexion was rather white. It just makes me wonder how deep her biases really are. http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/07/living/paula-deen-brownface-feat/index.html

  3. Anyone remember the cool music from Eastwoods "the good, the bad and the ugly" If so you will love this.http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=aaplw&p=music+for+the+good,+the+bad+and+the+ugly+performed

  4. BTW be aware of a scam going on. People are getting calls from someone claiming to be the IRS. I got one from a "Nickki Johnson" and as I have heard of this before I yanked their chain a few times but someone we know actually was so convinced she was at the bank to w/d money when her hubby returned her call and stopped her. He know it was a scam. The IRS will not call you. They will send letters. The "agents" are Indian I think. I should know an Indian accent by now. :D. I asked one of them...

  5. Just hang on Hawks! ?

  6. I did something totally different today. I went to this restaurant Mezcalina to see Jay who was there for a photo shoot for his magazine Dining Out. I got to see a great photographer work at his skill. He free lances and is very successful so much so that he has turned down a full time gig with Nike. Also go to met the owner and chef Ulysses and tried some of the food on the house. The red snapper which I posted earlier was fantastic and the chicken empanadas were the best I have ever had. Ul...

  7. OT again. Go HAWKS! It's the playoffs!

  8. I just got a scam call from someone claiming to be the IRS and when I try to return the call I get a constant busy signal which disappoints me because I really wanted to let them know what I thought of them?

  9. Hawks up 4-2 early in 3rd but they have not yet had a single power play. C'mon refs!

  10. Anyone see the story about the 73 yr. old reserve deputy who shot his gun by mistake instead of his taser? He sure likes like Dick Cheney to me. ?

  11. is it just me or does it seem listening has become a lost art. I can't say how many times I have left a message for an MD just to get a call back and what I said was no where near what the call back was about. Today I d/c'd a pt. who will need a B12 shot every month and told him he needs to have this done by his MD. I left this message with the office and even told them it will be due in a month and that I told the pt. to call and schedule his appt. and that he could bring his B12 vials which...

  12. Crap! Waiting for longest train in world to pass ?

  13. Hawks in OT and getting out played but all it takes is one chance. Darling playing great. Wow, too nervous.? and no more Scotch!

  14. Cubs come from behind again and win in 10. Alcantara gets 1st hit of yr. to drive in winning run.,Was 0 for 16. Got down in count 0-2 and looked bad swinging at splitter and change up so the next pitch is a fastball down the middle and he hammers one up the middle. I'll take it but wow what a bad pitch choice!

  15. Cubs down by 2 with two outs in 9th. Get one run then Fowler hits two run homer on 0-2 count and Cubs win. He homered off LaTroy Hawkins who used to pitch for the Cubs among many others and tho he was pretty good I do remember him giving up quite a few homers to beat us. I was hoping it would happen again and it did. ?

  16. .75 oz. McCormick cinnamon sticks $7.19 at Marianos. 14 oz. Cinnamon sticks at Indian grocery store $4.00. Unbelievable!

  17. Well the Trader Joes Cabernet Sauvignon at $9.99 is not bad. Not bad at all. ?

  18. Did anyone see the pic of ex-gov Blago in jail? He's gone completely gray!

  19. I just read that Il. CEO, er Gov. Rauner lashed out at the state supreme court calling them corrupted and manipulated by big money and lawyers who represent that that money. This is his usual style of trying to bully all those who oppose him or even his opinion which he seems to feel as if they are enemies who need to be ousted. I don't think he will ever learn to try to cooperate or work together with anyone who thinks differently from his own mindset. The leadership void in Springfield l...

  20. Tip off time. Go Badgers. Upset city baby!!!

  21. The Ten Commandments is on, one of my all time favs. Peace, out.

  22. Scientists have discovered something in the Pinot noir grape that can prevent older men from getting up at night to pee. It will be marketed in a new type of wine and will be called Pinot more. ?

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