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  1. I hope you find that. There was a book by Walter Lord "A Night to Remember" which was about the Titanic and was made into a movie by the same name more or less to refute a movie called "Titanic" with Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwick in which the portrayal of the sinking was no where near the actual events. It even showed the strike on the port side ripping a 300 foot gash into the hull which was just not sure. In any case I went the library every Saturday for weeks to get the book but no luck then one day it was there. Eureka! Again i've always had a thing for the Titanic. I don't know why.
  2. I am excited! Since I was in grammar school I have always had a thing for the Titanic and this cruise stop in Belfast where it was made and where there is a Titanic museum too. We saw the Titanic exhibit when it was here in Chicago and saw the Titanic section in the maritime museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  3. Hi guys. its been quite a while since I posted anything and I hope you are all well. I would like to inform you of a great deal I became aware of our a group rate from my TA. Its in June 2022 on the NCL Star 10 days out from Iceland with 3 -4 stops in Iceland, Belfast, NI, the Republic of Ireland and England then ending in Southampton. Its around 8 stops in all and for $2600 ish pp for a balcony you also get: 1. Gratuities. 2. $100.00 OBC. 3. 250 minutes wifi 4. Premium beverage package. 5. Dining at three specialty restaurants. 6. $50.00 off per cabin for each port excursion. Its a great deal so if interested please contact me at: lkopp5041@wowway.com and I can send you a link for the specifics and my TA's contact info. I hope I did not violate any rules here. All the best, Larry
  4. I understand they have been circling the drain for some time. Reminds me of when the Renaissance cruise line went bankrupt. Their ships were seized in ports stranding thousands.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/thomas-cook-collapses-stranding-600000-tourists-abroad/ar-AAHFyco?fbclid=IwAR22GLDF0kE0HV-tsGj9fmarw2hpYvhcM5JDuhmRB2E2ztrPFH9Z8Xn1pdY
  6. Thank you. I got the seats directly from UA using saver awards, no code share though the other legs, PEK-DEL and DEL-ORD are thru star alliance partners. Originally it was a 2-2-2 configuration but now it’s a 2-4-2. I understand the 2-2-2 has the new Polaris seats while the 2-4-2 has the old biz seats with Polaris amenities.
  7. I have an airline question. We booked ORD-DEL on UA biz. The plane was a 2-2-2 configuration, no front or first class. We were in row 1, the first row of biz. Now I see the configuration is 2-4-2 and there is a first or front cabin with eight seats and we have been reassigned to the first row of biz, row 6. However at this time the front cabin seats are not open to take and none of those seats are assigned. They are all greyed out. Any ideas why? Thank you.
  8. Ok Jan got it. I must say this is intriguing. Our Canada/NE cruise did not include Quebec and those French Canadian stops. Our was out of NYC with stops in Portland, Halifax, Boston and St. John. Hmmm.
  9. Thanks for the review. For me I will pass on MSC at least for now. My money will go to more tried and true cruise lines.
  10. The better way to answer this as you need information about passports, visas, and what countries if any block Iranians (I assume you are Iranian with Iranian passport) is to contact the Iranian government to find out what countries your passport allows you to go to.
  11. Thank you for the review. We were on her sister ship the Getaway and I too was dismayed by how they allocated pool space. I don't think they have enough for adults. As for the chair hogs the fault lies with the crew for being lax in enforcing the rules. On the Getaway one day a guy by the pool was toasted and shouting out including some f bombs. I mentioned this to one of the crew who told me it would be better if I called security!! Really. I did but left before they arrived so I don't know what happened. I do know hen I saw him afterwards he was cool. Its a shame how rowdy, unruly passengers can disrupt things especially when their behavior is tolerated. Something happened several years ago with a family or really a tribe of people ran amok for a few days before finally getting tossed. I saw videos of their actions and they were nearly assaulting the crew too. Should not have gone on that long. At the first sign hammer down.
  12. That sounds like fun and hey it could get very "interesting" ?.
  13. Thank you for the review. We were on that ship in the summer of 2008 and though that was not spring break it was vacation time and it was packed with kids. We too loved the ship especially the promenade area. We also had seats on the beach and watch those zip liners and go past us like crazy and that is really something!
  14. Hmm. Yes two sides to every story. If the passengers have a legitimate case I imagine lawyers will get involved and then who knows. CCL must think they have a solid case to take such an action.
  15. Some people think they are being cool or funny but really have no idea it’s just the opposite. Oh well glad our sons wedding was smooth.
  16. I need to vent just a bit. We went to a wedding Saturday downtown Chicago. All was ok until the reception. Guess how many people spoke then? Usually its a few like the brides dad, best man, maid of honor, maybe a couple more. Well they had 13, yes 13 people give speeches! Major buzz kill. One guy, an uncle of the bride rambled on for 15 minutes and finally his wife had to sit him down. ☺️ People were falling asleep, we went to the lobby to watch tv. Well dinner was very late and afterwards we just went to bed as we had a room in the hotel. Took the fun out of it. Just goes to show why wedding planners are in business. Cheers folks!
  17. The MDR’s are just fine with us. It seems to me that people who criticize them are comparing them to fine dining restaurants when in fact these are supposed to be more like banquet style meals and I think for the most part they succeed at that.
  18. $65.00 pp is ridiculous. I wonder where the ceiling is for speciality restaurants? They sure have risen over the years.
  19. BTW kudos to RCI. After they resolved a huge annoyance I had the guy who fixed it promised a gratuity of some sort when we sailed again and it was delivered. Thanks for the extra $100.00 OBC. Most generous. Actually what I have discovered is that CS from RCI when you call their 800 number is abysmal. C and A is better but upper management, assuming you are persistent enough to contact them really delivers. They know the value of pound wise and penny foolish. For me the experience with the first contact personnel was terrible. It was “no” vs, a “yes” culture.
  20. How awful. I hope no one is too badly hurt but more the emotional damage is the bigger issue. I imagine Viking will have to open up the checkbook.
  21. Well we can rest easy. I don’t think he will have to sell that red Camaro. ?. BTW we tried Delmonicos by Emeril in NOLA and it was wonderful.
  22. Have you tried any of Guys places, even on land? Wondering how they are.
  23. I recently booked biz saver award tickets ORD-DEL for two. I noticed that I could only get one seat on some some carriers, LOT and ANA for example but two seats were not available. Does this mean there is only one per member or just one period?
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