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  1. No cell, no internet, no booze, no dancing, no casino, no Las Vegas style shows...but we have a great time.
  2. Hi, my hubby and I will be cruising on the Magic with you. We're driving down to Galveston from Kansas. This is our 12th cruise.

  3. Aren't you about ready to leave on your cruise? Bon Voyage!!

  4. So far we've done Baja Mexico and the Caribbean. We really want to do Panama Canal because my husband is an engineer. We'd like to do Alaska because we lived there and our son lives there. We'd like to go back to Kodiak to see how it's changed. We'd like to cruise to Hawaii and then cruise back. Sewut
  5. I don't get to dress up much. On formal nights my husband wears a tux and I wear a dressy dress or gown. The pictures always look so nice. On our upcoming cruise, I am making my grand daugters, ages 2 and 5, dresses that look like Belle in "Beauty and the Beast". I guess I still like to play tea party with the princesses. Sewut
  6. sewut51

    Packing game

  7. I just read these posts to my husband and he's rolling his eyes. Meanwhile, my four grandchildren are here dancing to it. (I've got it playing in the background. I've changed the words in the last line, though. It's now "together again we'll go sailing". Don't you like that better? Sewut
  8. I've been humming it for days! Now I know the words and can sing it. My 4 year old grand daughter grins when I do and says, "That's a cruise song!" We're taking her on her first cruise in December. Sewut
  9. I can't stop humming the old Carnival commercial song. Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me... I want a tape or something of that song. Anyone know where I can get one? Sewut
  10. Last September, on the Ecstacy, we purchased 3 cards for $20 and I won $110! Not bad. I guess people win bigger in the casino, but it paid my tips for the cruise. Sewut
  11. Okay, the link worked for me. What do you think? Is that too funny or what? Sewut
  12. http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w246/sewut/new032.jpg
  13. Yes, I do. I tried to add one to my post, and Icouldn't. I tried to add it to member photos, but it didn't fit the criteria. It's in Yahoo! Photos. How do I post it? Sewut
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