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  1. Anyone attended the ICE convention held in London in January? :cheesy:
  2. Why isn't anyone using www.casinocruisejobs.com message board? It's there for anyone that would like to contact lost buddies or colleagues that you've cruised with. It's not used for discussions like this - but it can help to find people you want to say hello to again... :smiley:
  3. I think Jubiliee was a little dated.. the dancers looked tired and as if they weren't enjoying the show. The Blue Man was 'different' but brilliant - very clever. Us Brits are a little nervous when the act comes into the audience and there was a few times that occurred!!! The O show is a MUST see - all created in water - brilliant - brilliant - brilliant! Apparently there is a long waiting list for tickets, but we took the plunge and waited in the cancellation line and finally after an hour of waiting, got tickets 3 rows from the front. Amazing.... :smiley:
  4. I'm from the UK - I live near the sea side in a little town on the North East Coast... It's a far cry from Vegas!! Had such a wonderful time there, although for a few days I had to work, but the remainder of the time I had a lot of fun. Slotted, saw 3 shows, The Blue Man, Jubiliee and the O show. Recommend Vegas anyday... :grin:
  5. Just returned from Vegas - what an amazing place!! Never thought the 8 hour time difference would take such a toll tho - seem to have lost 2 days.... :smiley:
  6. I'll keep you posted. You have a real good, supportive site going here - thanks again. :cheesy:
  7. Thank You! If anyone has anymore ideas - please keep them coming. :smiley:
  8. As a casino dealer. I have checked out those websites - thank you for the info. I have actually decided to go through www.casinocruisejobs.com. They seem really helpful - I've posted my CV online and have already received some replies. Failing that, they have a database of over 3000 casinos and cruise ship listings which is also proving useful. I'm determined, so I know I'll get something. :smiley:
  9. If anyone has lost contact with fellow mates who have worked on cruise ships or in casinos - look at www.casinocruisejobs.com - you can use the message board for free and search for your buddies.. My partner has lost contact with a couple of people who he worked with and he has found one of them.. Hope you have the same luck. :smiley:
  10. Thank you for your reply... G2E conention is the biggest casino convention in the world... It will be my first time there so I'm a little nervous. I will be going for work mainly, but I'm sure I'll find time to have a little flutter! :smiley:
  11. Going to G2E las vegas convention next week - it's my first time in Vegas and at the convention any tips??
  12. Can anyone give me any ideas as to where to look or who to contact if I wanted to work on a cruise ship?
  13. I have come across www.casinocruisejobs.com and I'm quite impressed. Thought I'd share the news.
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