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  1. Happy Birthday Ziggy7!

  2. Hi Everyone, I hope you all find your way here from the new link I sent out :) I miss you all and so look forward to seeing you all soon!!! Hugs!!!
  3. Thank you Shaunna! Appreciate the help! hugs!
  4. Hi Everyone, A group of us ladies just started posting here and we are having trouble learning how to do things, like subscribing to threads/or unsubscribing to them, etc. We have a thread set up in our group section with the difficulties we are having and I'm hoping some of you could stop by and help us :) Thanks in advance for any help you can lend us :) http://www.cruisecrazies.com/community/gro...discussion/120/
  5. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! You made it!!!! Hi Josh!!! Hugs to you and Michelle! Oh and to the cute costume wearing doggie too!
  6. Awwwwwww thanks :) Hugs!!! About time you showed up LOL Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you all are making me cold with your freezing temps! Debbie: Hope you get well soon! Saying prayers for you! Janice: I took your idea and have started my own clean out! Just wish I could clean out my inlaws stuff :( Hope you get a handle on your insomnia soon my friend! Off to Dovetail in the morning so I'm heading to bed soon. Sweet Dreams everyone! Keep warm!!!!
  7. hehehe I guess Janice didnt warn you all to becareful what you say around me LOL I make avatars and animated pictures with Photoshop. I'm just an amiture but I enjoy playing with it LOL Thanks! I have fun with it LOL My Daughters 4 cats steal her stuff too! She found lots of stuff she was missing under the christmas tree when she took it down. One item was her reading glasses. A few years ago she took pictures with them on the cats LOL Hi Everyone! Just popping in real quick to tell Shari I found her yellow boa picture! And she looks great in it!!!! Excellent work Debbie! LOL Thanks! Thank you! I could but it would only last until you got wet LOL Safe travels!!! Sorry I haven't posted much. I am embarking on a new journey in my life. I am collecting stuff to be given to the homeless in our county and I'm not sure how it happened that I should orginize it but as my sweet Hubby says, I don't know how to say no LOL Everyone, please call me Ziggy, most of my friends do and since there are a few of us Debbie's, it will help keep us seperated LOL To all of you with cold weather .....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... Californian born and raised here so the coldest it gets here by the coast is 43! To all of you suffering illness or injuries, please know we are parying for you to get well or heal soon! Well time to get more paperwork done, so sweet dreams everyone! Have a great Monday tomorrow!!! Hugs!!!
  8. Hi Everyone! Just popping in real quick to tell Shari I found her yellow boa picture! And she looks great in it!!!!
  9. Thank You zebra, we hope all our ladies will also be posting here soon too!
  10. Thanks! I found the new thread LOL My guess is this one will end at the end of the month and a new one is started ? Great idea!!!! My picture is from a Ladies Only Group Cruise Janice & I put together. We all took boas and had fun with them LOL The staff called us the feather ladies! When we left the ship we gave all the boas to the photography people, they loved them hehehehe. I love this! Thanks for posting it Ray!!!
  11. I'm really an itinerary girl and have cruised on many lines. But I put this list together for one of my Ladies Cruises as we were on Carnival. As for RCI, I won't be crusing on them again. I was on the swine flu cruise last year to Mexico and we got diverted to San Francisco instead. Nobody had the proper clothes for cold, windy, and rainy and RCI could have cared less. Plus they lied to all the passengers about the CDC recommendations. Princess and Carnival both gave their passengers 50% off their next cruises because of the itnerary change but RCI gave their passengers NOTHING!! So I vote with my dollars and RCI won't be seeing any of mine again. Same for us! We won't be sailing RCI again unless it's a free cruise and that won't happen from RCI LOL
  12. Ok try and select your color first and then your size. Not sure what the secret is here but there must be somewhere to go for help eeeks LOL
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