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  1. Are you going to email us when its ready?
  2. Airport is quite a distance from port I would use cruise line transportation.
  3. I ues Hertz at this location free shuttle to port Address: 354 S E First Street Miami, Florida, United States Phone: 786-425-2515 Hours of Operation: 0800-1600 7 Days
  4. I believe you are entitled to nothing except a return of the port taxes. This type of thing happens all of the time. Read your cruise contract!!
  5. You can also try this one click on a ship
  6. How does it work? As a sample, I clicked on Valetta, Malta. I got a description of Malta, and a list of cruise lines that go there; but no calendar. Ditto when I clicked on New York City. Did rogue answer your question? Example Sept 23 NCL Norwegian Gem Seabourn Legend
  7. Try This Replacment Website for Porttime?
  8. I liked Porttime better than Cruisecal.
  9. You enter the lot and pay CC OK and the garage is at the far end of the lot. No extra charge but if you get there late in the afternoon it might be full.
  10. Joey are you using Celebrity's air or your own? on our own .. through Alaska air That explains why you have to wait until your onboard.
  11. Joey are you using Celebrity's air or your own?
  12. Shortest - 1 night dinner-dance cruise NCL Pearl RT Miami. longest - 23 night Star Princess Valparaiso,CH to Seattle,WA.
  13. It is nice to get the booklet in the mail but edocs are much easier to save. I have all of my edocs stored on my computer (*.pdf files) and have referred back to them time to time, who knows where the paper docs are? The luggage tags are not a big deal to have the porter fill them out and Princess sends them to you.
  14. I think the new dress code is great. As long as you are neat looking its OK with me.
  15. As far as I can see no one is stopping anyone from dressing up so whats everyone's problem?
  16. RCi gos to Hubbard Glacier,Tracy Arm Fjord,and Sawyer Glacier
  17. Only Princess, HAL, NCL, and Cruise West are allowed under the current contract.(I Think)
  18. What Ship?? OOPS... we are the Monarch You will find that the bed when made up in Queen configuration 2 sides (sometimes 3 if bed is lengthwise) are against the wall. This means that 1 person will have to clime in from the end if the other person is in bed on the side not against the wall. There is no sofa in these rooms and at 122 sq. ft. there is no room for one.
  19. And you might be put off the ship in some 3rd. world country.
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