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  5. I'd say it's about 4 or 5 blocks but it's downhill. I had a huge suitcase, and a smaller one then my daughter had a mid sized case with a rolling backpack. We did fine getting there. I promise to post my review by sunday evening and I'll be sure to include all. It's not a bad walk my parents did it with 2 bags each also and they had no trouble. gina
  6. Have a great visit and a wonderful cruise hope our texas weather cooperates with you. gina
  7. Kelly congrats you'll love the itinerary for the Destiny. I did , so much in fact that unless I find one better for a better price that's the cruise we'll do in 06. As for the balcony cabin under lido deck someone we met before the cruise that went on the same sailing had a aft balcony on the verandah deck so I could ask her and see if she can tell me about the noise. We were midship 8168 on the verandah deck and I loved it. As far as hotels we went on Thurs. and we stayed at the hotel Milano. It's a hotel in OSJ area and we actually walked to the ship sunday morning from it. The website is http://www.hotelmilanopr.com/ now keep in mind this is a small hotel but the rooftop bar/rest was great. It has comp cont. breakfast and free wireless internet access for hotel guest. No pool but there are shops right there on the street and the forts are not far. So I recommend it if you want to stay in that area and can't get the other hotel. If you have more questions just ask away makes me feel good to be of some help after all the help I got here and also takes me back to warm breezes, and the sound of waves. Gina
  8. Krisp in St Thomas we did a tour with Godfrey tours. Wonderful man met us right off the gangway with a sign, we met him at 9 went shopping then 2 hrs of sightseeing then 2 hrs at one of three beaches. I highly recommend him and I'll do the review and give his website. Mebert yeah I know how you feel cruise blues.but your right I am already planning my next cruise in 2006 long way off lots of time to plan. Dominica was actually the port I was sure I would not care for but it turned out to be my fav. Not commercialized like the rest of the ports and tour we took was the best and our guide was just like every other person we met on Dominica smiling and very friendly. Everyone else back to reality is right. I am planning a trip to Cancun for March for a wedding and then when I am back I will be reading cruise boards til the next cruise. Thanks for the welcome back. Gina
  9. Okay guys and girls I am back actually have been back for over a month :cry: . I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this cruise. I am planning to do a review of the ship the hotel in San Juan and the different ports. I guess I've had the post cruise blues and having trouble getting back into the swing of things. In case someone has forgotten me I sailed on the Carnival Destiny 12/19/2004, with stops in St Thomas, Dominica,Barbados, and Aruba so if theres anyone going soon on this ship or to these ports and has ? just ask k. I'll try to do a full review sometime this weekend. Gina BTW I am planning my next cruise for our Anniversary in Aug/Sept of 06.
  10. Oh yeah another person to dance with. Yeah I am still dancing and will be till the 19 of dec when we get on haha gina
  11. Thanks Howard and Shari2 and Keith and Rita I am so excited not long to wait now hope I have nails left by dec.LOL gina
  12. Oh good someone to cut in and dance with haha I hope you both have a wonderful cruise and smooth sailing. gina
  13. Well guys and girls I got my docs today and my cabin is 8168 on the destiny, I already found this out before hand but to see it on the docs just makes it all the more real. I am so happy now. I will be sure to keep notes on the lap top for my review of the hotel, the ship the shore excurisons and well everything. LOL Gina
  14. Have a good time on your cruise. Not long now and I should be doing the doc dance too. Gina
  15. Okay here's some more information. I used the book modify method and found out our cabin is cat 8C Verandah deck cabin # 8168. We booked a 8A Gty balcony so we got upgraded to 8C not a huge upgrade but hey I booked a balcony so I would be happy with whatever we got. If someone wouldn't mind looking at the deck plan for the Destiny and see what u think of our room location I would appreciate it. My parents are in cabin 8172 which is 2 doors down from us. And one more thing I couldn't get my countdown clock to work on here so I downloaded one to my desktop and we have 1250 hrs 32 mins and 21 sec till we cruise haha. Gina
  16. Sailingrose I am relaxed now haha. Well except for the fact that I want to know what cabin I am in, where on the ship it's at I want my docs too, but other than that I am relaxed LOL. I want to do the doc dance now. Umm a ? here how do I get my clock to show on here I know where to go and get it and how to set it but when I come here to edit into my sig. it say some sort of error. Thanks gina
  17. don't even think of it---------tall cold foo foo drinks
  18. Yeah it has now gotten Meg very excited and the other girl Liz is also excited even with the 2 yrs in age diff. And your right it frees me up to relax now and on the cruise and not worry if Meg is having a good time or not with friends. We have a gty balcony and she has already ask if they can hang out on the balcony when we cruise out of ports haha. Yes Cheryl and I just happen to happen on Liz's post on another board and replied so now Meg's happy therefore moms happy too. gina
  19. yearning for a cruise now-------waiting for time to cruise This looks fun gina
  20. Iriscruiser can u tell me about the st john's historical tour when u get back I would like to know if that might be something we might like to do. I would appreciate it a lot. I hope u have a wonderful cruise. gina
  21. oh boy u must be so excited to have that all done. Wish Carnival let u book shore trips in advance. I hope u have a wonderful time on your cruise . gina
  22. Well u guys are not gonna believe this but the family I found going on our cruise lives are u ready for this... they live about an hr away. Wild right. We have been emailing back and forth all day today and we are gonna get the girls together before we leave . I am really really excited now haha. Gina
  23. Yeah Lisa I am so glad Meg has someone her age that she will meet on line then on the ship or before we board and then she won't be so worried about going to the meet and greet party . Yeah Jenn can ya tell I am ready to go now. I got my 2 outfits for my 2 formal nights from ebay and got them cleaned and they are hanging there just waiting to go. Meg has her 3 outfits to wear on formal night (she needed to see what others were wearing) and I had them cleaned so I am ready to pack. Gina
  24. I am so excited now as if I wasn't before haha. I finally found someone traveling on the Destiny with a teenage girl. And while she is 15 and my Meg is 13 at least she will have someone to email and chat with and meet at the meet and greet party for the teens. They are going to email back and forth starting tonight so I'll keep everyone posted. And by the way her mom sounds very nice in her posts and I am looking forward to meeting her also. Only 56 more days til we sail.52 more days until we arrive in San Juan. Gina
  25. Okay will make sure that we at least go to Luquillo beach as it sounds great and the pics I saw from DaCruzNut are beautiful. Thanks everyone for all the informationn and pics and suggestions. I am really really getting excited now only 56 more days.
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