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    Rccl Explorer
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    Caribbean - Southern
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    Bermuda, Bahamas, Aruba, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Thomas, St Marteen, Antigua, Venezuala, Dominica, Panama Cananl, Guadalope, Labadee Haiti, CoCo Cay, Princess Cay, Cozumel, Key West, Grand Caymans, Jamacia
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    Cruising, Camping, Swimming, Tanning
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    Boat Trip
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    Shitzu (Gizmo)
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    Owner Of Waterman Trucking Company
  1. Happy Birthday Waterman!

  2. Sorry, I was on page one, lol. Cary Grant.....Grace Kelly (To Catch A Thief)
  3. John Travolta......Olivia Newton John (in Grease)
  4. Thanks Guys. We are leaving here Monday Morning to head to FLL. We are really excited, like always. We just want to get away from this cold and snowy place. Looks like we will hit all the ports on schedule. I will let everyone know how our cruise was when we return. Try to stay warm everyone, while we are burning our butts off it the hot Caribbean. Talk soon. Sue
  5. "Boat Trip" with Cuba Gooding Jr. If you have not seen this movie, please go to your local store and rent it for the night. This is the funniest movie of all times. I never stopped laughing from start to finish. Watched it many times and still wet my pants, lol. It will make you think twice when booking a cruise, lol. This is one movie they should show on a cruise.
  6. gawking at the new thong...........generously tipping the crew
  7. eating till you can't move..........evening adult comedy show
  8. We just returned from NCL Dawn out of N.Y. on Oct 10th to the 17th. I wanted to try this at least once. Like they said no air and we did bring the kids this time, so I wanted it to be a bit cheaper for us that way. But all the Sept. sailings and the ones before us and after ours was really bad choppy weather. Ours was not to bad, but still a little rough, not to many complaints. My husband said never again. The only complaing I have to say about it is, I love the warm weather, and we always sail from Florida. I am laying in the sun from the minute we board till we get off. So from N. Y. it was cold and very windy, more then normal. The 2nd day out it got a little better and the same on the wasy home. When we left on the 10th it was not that cold at all while docked, but once we sailed it got cold and wimdy and then when we returned home it was so cold and we were not really prepared for the cold, we all got Broncitis for 2 weeks after we returned, I think it was because we were waiting for our ride at the port out side and very cold and only sweaters on not jackets, the wind was really bad just standing there. So if I were you it would depend on what time of year I would go out of N. Y. My parents went in April and it was still alittle choppy, so if you get sea sick, reconsider. I will pick Florida anytime. If I ever did it again I would maybe do a Canada cruise to see the leaves change and be more prepared for the cold. I do at least one cruise a year 7 night and another 10 or 11 nights. I love the longer cruises, I never want to go home. 4 days would just tick me off bad, lol. Sue Princess Dawn 2/8/05
  9. standing by the rail...........listening to the pool band
  10. early dinner seating.............greatest beaches in the world
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