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  1. Happy Birthday live2ski!

  2. Happy Birthday live2ski!

  3. I'm doing some checking on taxi's and buses on St. Thomas. There will be five of us and we need to get from the dock to the airport (helipad). The taxi rates that I've been quoted so far is $100 round trip. That seems extermely high considering it's about 13km round trip. Does anyone know about the bus system? I've heard it would be $1 or $2 pp each way. But I'm curious about the relablity and timeliness. Anyone have knowledge in this area? Thanks, Live2ski RCCL Freedom of the Seas 11/21/2010
  4. We are planning on being in St. Maarten on Thanksgiving day. There will be five in are party. We are planning to go to the Loterie Farm for the day. Does anyone know the approximate cost of a taxi between the port and the Farm? I'm trying to figure how much cash I need to have. Does anyone have any other recommendations as things to do on St. Maarten? Thanks,
  5. Driving was a thought but the drive is about 1700 miles one way. The kids need to be back at school Monday after the Sunday we arrive back in the Cape. So, we must fly. I am hoping the airfares will come down to a managable fare. A couple of the flights I've check on so far have a stop in Denver so we may have to go west to get to the east.
  6. Hello All, We are planning a family cruise in Nov. over Thanksgiving. Trying to decide whether to purchase the Cruiseline (RCCL) airfare/transfer package or go with our own travel arrangements. I'm trying to figure out the best and least expensive way to get five people plus luggage from the airport to the pier. We are open to flying in a day early, but how will we arrange ground travel? Does anyone have any ideas, contact info. and approximate costs? Does anyone have thoughts about airline ticket prices? We are flying from MSP (Minnesota) to MCO (Orlando) and right now the cost for tickets is close to $500 each. Do you think they will come down? Howlong would you wait to buy? Thanks, Drew Freedom of the Seas Nov. 21 2010
  7. I'm ruling out Carnival and NCL. I haven't seen much for activities on Celebrity or Princess, so a suppose that leaves RCCL. We were not impressed with NCL Dawn last Dec. and we are afraid that Carnival will be loud. We have heard that Carnival is the party line and we just don't want to deal with that.
  8. Not sure yet. I've just started looking and I don't want to choose a ship with extra options only to find out there are charges for them. It wouldn't be any fun if all we could do is watch.
  9. I'm starting to plan a vacation for the family. We have three boys (21,18,15), My wife and myself. None of us are partiers or gamblers but we don't want to sit around all day and night either. I'm trying to find a ship that we will all find something to do on. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a post out there about additional costs of the new onboard stuff like; water slides, zip lines, bowling, ice skating, etc.
  10. I have been looking into taking the family (wife, three boys (21,18,15)) on a cruise over Thanksgiving 2010. In looking at the number of cruises and ships out there I have found that there are a lot of ships that offer climbing walls, water slides, surf pools, etc. Is there additional charges for these activities? I can't seem to find that out on the cruise line websites. I would hate to stretch the budget and book a cruise on one of these ships and not be able to let the kids enjoy the added activities.
  11. Thanks for the Birthday wish. I haven't been here lately. Sorry for the late reply.

  12. Happy birthday, Drew!

  13. I have a question about the Dawns menus. I thought I read someplace that the Dawns main dining rooms only had one menu for the duration of the cruise is that correct? On the past cruises I have been on there was a new menu for every evenings meal. We are going to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for a 5 day cruise and there isn't any info. about that intinery on NCL's website. Thanks,
  14. Hello,

    Plans have changed we are going on the NCL Dawn, not the Century. I've seen mixed reviews of NCL so I'm hoping to be one of the positives. In the early 90's we sailed the Celebrity Horizon to the Southern Caribean with great friends. It was our first cruise and had a great time.

  15. see you are on line and wanted to say 'hello'. hope you enjoy it here. your pic looks like you know how to have fun. enjoy...

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