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  1. >>It won’t interfere with my cruise, on April 10th, since I told them about it and they said it’s no problem…..<< good to see you have your priorities in order.
  2. June 18th, I.E. not soon enough!
  3. I've learned that whenever a travel agent says a resort, airline, ect....are "almost booked" or "booking quickly", I simply call the airline, resort, ect.....and ask if they are almost booked up. Works with the cruiselines, too.
  4. personal opinion, its your VACATION. Splurge. Eat what you want. Thats why its a VACATION. Plus, there are fitness rooms on the ships, so do the treadmill for a half hour in the morning and then enjoy yourself!
  5. < Yeah.......its one big conspiracy.........LOL. Just like everything else, right? :cheesy:
  6. Lisa, from reading yours posts, including this one, you must be a freakin' JOY to be around. Geesh. Maybe you need a cruise NOW.
  7. A post is put up with a link to that story, but then its "not intended to start a poltical discussion".........gee, wonder if it happens anyway......LOL. I love the celebrities who all came out and said "If Bush wins I'm moving out of the country" (which is the same thing they said LAST election)......seems as if none of 'em have gotten around to renting that moving truck yet..........LMAO.
  8. I really find it sad that so many people have to "apologize" for liking Carnival.
  9. I have to say, I am quite offended by this thread. This is supposed to be a board which speaks about CRUISING, not football. I am tired of these people who just think they can post whatever they want, no matter HOW far off topic it is, and have NO respect for those of us who have LIVES and don't have the time to have to click post after post of threads which have NOTHING to do with cruising. By the way..........don't mind me..........I'm just jealous that all you guys and gals get to talk about your teams being in the playoffs, because I live in......dare I say it.............New Orleans. Home.......of the........(hack!).........SAINTS.
  10. My wife and I are going on our first cruise in June on Carnival's Sensation, and we're excited too! We have heard from friends that if you're on a tight budget (as we are!), getting a cabin with a window is great for the first trip, but after that, if you need to save a few bucks (again, as we do!), its worth it to just get an inside cabin. We are already planning on saving the $$$ on any future cruises we take and using it drinks, tours, ect... Since you almost HAVE to meet other people on the cruise, we're sure you will have a great time.
  11. thanks a bunch, everybody.......seems as if bonine is the way to go, since Dramamine seems to make people tired. Thanks for all the suggestions. :cool:
  12. the good news is I bought it and the first time I played it I thought it was GREAT! the BAD news is my wife and daughter both ALSO love it, so the first time I played it was the LAST time I played it!!! :cheesy:
  13. :grin: Heres a question.........a buddy of mine now wants to go on a cruise, but he gets sick in the back of a car, on a boat, on carnival rides, ect............... I remember reading lots of hints about how to avoid it, from dramamine to getting a shot.........what do you all suggest?
  14. JUST got it.......literally a half hour ago. And yep, its on a CD that installs onto your harddrive. I'll let ya'll know how it is...............now let me figure out how to intall that topless deck.............. :cheesy:
  15. Have a great time! Only three days.........WOW.....can't wait till we're that close. Let us know how you enjoyed it!!!! :wink:
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