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  1. We've done quads many times...really saves on $$ for some cruises, although we've done some where two rooms was cheaper than a quad. As previously stated, the quad room is the same size as regular, only you have two foldout beds they store away during the day and fix up at night. We've had 4 women sharing one room, but have not had too much of a problem with putting everything in. Of course, the only quad we've done has been on carnival. Celebrity seemed to have enough drawer/closet space too. One thing that really helped was getting one one those shoe organizers to hang on the bathroom door. We were able to save drawer space by putting all the "odds and ends" into the organizer. We also stored souvenirs we purchased in the suitcases and made sure we didn't duplicate things (like each of us bringing shampoo/conditioner/soap/toothpaste.)
  2. Before checking everyone else's reply, I'm going to guess...Puerto Rico.
  3. Back 6 years ago when I was trying to come up with a screen name for AOL, i decided I liked Caitlyn as it was a good nickname for my real name (Cathy Lynn) without being too much like it. I chose "20" because alot of the other numbers were taken and it was a nice round one. Since then I use this one when I sign up for new stuff so I can remember my ID when coming back to a site years later. Problem is, I can never remember the old passwords. LOL
  4. I want to do this cruise next year, so I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.
  5. Had late seating one time and hated it. I ate more than I normally would because I was always starving by my normal dinner time and had to snack to hold me over till dinner. Plus, I'm an early riser, so I would always do breakfast and lunch in the Cafes at my usual (early seating) times. I always had enough time to get my excursions in and get back for dinner. I'm the type that doesn't like to stay on shore till the last minute, just in case the ship leaves w/o me. More often than not, the ship sails long before dinner starts. Since I nearly always sail in the winter months, it's dark by 6:00 anyway.
  6. Some of the ports are apparently not profitable. I was thrilled when Celebrity did their Zenith out of Jacksonville, as Jacksonville is only an 11 hour drive for me as opposed to Miami which was two days in a car. I found out, though, that Celebrity is pulling out of Jacksonville once this run is over because it is not profitable for them. That only leaves Carnival there. Wonder how they are doing??
  7. Be interested to see how much THAT'll cost. However, on a two day cruise, I think I could forego knowing how my stocks were doing. I don't mind going to an internet cafe on the islands to check email and such. Not sure it would be worth it to lug a laptop with me on a cruise. Maybe one of the small pocket pcs if I'm going to be gone a long time and want to be available in case something happens.
  8. Karaoke tonite - eating and eating and eating
  9. Geez...the "savings" is right around what I usually pay per person for a 7 day cruise. This is obviously way too fancy for me. :undecided:
  10. Great idea! I'm one of the ones that ALWAYS overpacks. The one thing I can't live without when I travel is duct tape, though. I get the really bright colors. One time it was purple, and last time red. I wrapped my luggage with it once I was all done packing. When bags come out of the carousel, it was easy to spot mine from a long way off, even among all of the other black bags.
  11. Look forward to reading the review as this is the cruise I plan on doing next Thanksgiving. :) Welcome back!
  12. I see nothing wrong with an inside cabin. I sleep better since it's pitch dark ALL the time in there. The rooms are the same size, so the only difference is the fact that you can't see outside. Heck, they even put a curtain in there to give you the illlusion you have a window. I am like you....enjoy spending the money on other things since I try not to spend much time in my room except for getting ready and sleeping anyway.
  13. I have to agree about the "overpacking" being a problem for many of us. I just returned from a two week cruise. I did really well with having clothes for dinner (just about right), but I had way too many day clothes. I found that I spent most every day in a bathing suit with a coverup and rarely needed the shorts/tshirts. Next time I'll go light on those. Also, if you are on a carnival ship, they have laundry rooms on board. I was on Celebrity and they will wash things for you, but no facility you can use yourself.
  14. I've had thoughts like that myself when looking out over a railing late at night when I woke too early or couldn't sleep. It would be a perfect way to "get rid" of someone. The wind is usually blowing so hard that you can't hear anything at all, and the ocean is so dark. I agree with other posts, though...it would be very hard to "accidently" fall overboard unless you were doing something you shouldn't have been.
  15. I just did my first solo cruise, although I'm not sure if I would have been so brave had it been my first cruise AND first time solo. As others have said, you should get involved. Even though this was my first totally solo cruise, in the past my girls would bring their friends and I'd spend most of my time alone anyway. My last cruise I went by myself for two weeks. I didn't feel lonely at all. We had great table mates, and they would invite me to go to shows or the lounges with them in the evening. I found others traveling alone, and we'd meet for shore excursions and share cabs and such. It seems to be easy to meet others on a cruise, because so much is done (sharing style). I can't think of any other type of 'restaurant" where they seat total strangers at your table. You really do get to know your dinner table mates. I also managed to meet new people every day during other meals because if you are sitting by yourself, and if the tables become scarce, others will ask if they can sit with you and strike up a conversation. I always book inside cabins because I hardly ever spend time in my cabin anyway, and I enjoy spending money on something else. Others really enjoy the outside cabins and would have it no other way. It's a matter of preference, but nothing at all wrong with an inside. I find having an inside cabin makes me go outside more, as I can't just look out a window if I want a view. LOL
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