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  2. Click here to view the cruise review
  3. Hubby and I are laughing as this was almost complete when we were there last month. I thought it was just a lil extra playground/play area for the kids. I cant believe they are charging for this. Ive seen bigger and better play areas at your basic community pools at home. Of course I would be one of those suckers and pay the $5.00 since its positioned so that "ALL" children will see it as you approach the beach area. I can see ALL those children now....wow !!!
  4. After having my 1st cruise on RCCL a few weeks ago and doing 5 others on all Carnival Ships it is our desire to go back to Carnival. Depending on your preference is the only true way of taking a chance on what might be best for you. I felt as tho the RCCL was a tad bit on the older side and more family orientated. I definately would NOT go on a cruise with them if I didnt have my children with me. We went 2 weeks before spring break and every day I saw at least 15 children in each of the hot tubs all the time. They did however have an "adult pool and hot tub"...always full tho. One of the camp conselors told us they expect anywhere from 800-1000 children on spring break cruises. WOW! We missed the lil shows/performances by the waiters when they serve you. They didnt do any of those on the VOS cruise we were on and we enjoyed them on all the Carnival cruises. All in all..........back to Carnival we go after all thats why they are called the "fun ships".....
  5. elle

    Im back

    Just wanted all to know we made it back from the VOS eastern cruise. All went fairly well as we all had a grand time. On our flight home we got a call that my Dad was back in the hospital So as soon as I am able I will be writing an extensive review as I have many things to brag about along with complain about LOL.......
  6. I guess I should try to lay down for a few hours...........you might see me back here lol......Im so excited...as so is the house...thanks again all and I shall have a special "cheers for you all".........
  7. Just wanted to say "Thank-You" for making the planning fun, exciting and informative. We are sure to have fun. Everyone stay safe and warm and I shall toast you while out in the open sea!!!!!
  8. Love hurts....I believe by Nazarath
  9. We are going on Royal Carribean this week-end and I will post a review when we return. We have a 7 yo daughter whom will be using the childrens program ALOT......
  10. Speaking of the commercials.......I read somewhere else that since I will be on the cruise all the commercials will be broadcasted in Spanish... Anyone know if this is true??? Oh yeah!! Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Margaritaville......salt
  12. So I bought the plug in to give us more plug in space...but Im wondering if its going to work as it has the 2 prongs and a 3rd on there too..Not sure what its called but how do I know which kind of electrical outlets are on the ship?
  13. sad but all I can think of is ..... Love Stinks...think it was J Geils Band
  14. Thanks for all the input...Im thinking I shall just go along with the way the book says. Tip at the end and if they are extra special to me I shall be extra special to them !!!
  15. I ditto that......if its a great pic and you dont play dress up that often then its worth it.......altho remember .......someone said a picture is worth a thousand words...a memory lasts a life time...........
  16. We went and bought all 4 of us our new Patriot Jerseys. My littlest looks so darn cute in hers. We are so excited for Super Bowl on the Voyager. We just pray there are no malfunctions in the ships sattelite systems.....Go Pats!!!
  17. outhouse..........porta potty
  18. Awesome.....yup all I need is the audio and digital inputs....Guess I drag the lappy along..........thanks for making my mind up for me ...lol
  19. Since it has been 7 year since we cruised Im sure technology has improved on the ships. I am curious tho as if the televisions have front or back port holes for hooking up equipment? As in a laptop to be used as a dvd player. Still trying to decide if to bring it or not as we wont be using it to get on-line but rather for entertainment for the kids. Trying to weigh the pros and cons of carrying it thru and dealing with the airports and such. I know if I take it I will say " I should have left it at home" I dont take it I will say " I knew I should have brought it" LOL ....
  20. disadvantage.......unfair
  21. Here is something Ive read alot about. We had never heard or thought of tipping any time other then what they suggest. Anyone tip 1/2 the first night of the cruise and then depending on service the other 1/2 or more if deserved?? Also, what about the counselors in the kids adventure camp on RCI. So many different opinions on tipping them or not. Some say no that they would consider it offensive. Others say they are worthy if they are taking care of your children so Im feeling this way about it.....Thanks!!! p.s. Ive got the " 3 days before vacation I cant sleep thing going on"
  22. Its 15 degrees here now........a heat spell considering its been below zero for about 2 weeks now..........thanks for the offer Jeff....Be there Thursday LOL
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