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  3. I loved this quiz. It said I was from Wisconsin and I probably call carbonated soda "Pop" :smiley: Yes and I call a water fountain a "Bubbler" :smiley:
  4. Happy Birthday Joe ! Hoping you have many more happy years :smiley:
  5. Happy Birthday Cary NC Have a great day :smiley:
  6. Congrats on your new booking. Belize is one of our future stops so will be looking for your review.
  7. Congrats even a short cruise is a good cruise to look forward too :smiley:
  8. Bon Voyage Eagleforest ! Have a great time :smiley:
  9. Bon Voyage Mickig ! Have a great time :smiley:
  10. Bon Voyage CANDY & JIM ! Have a great time :smiley:
  11. Bon Voyage DriftyChick ! Have a great time :smiley:
  12. gogetter what kind of phone or service do you have?
  13. Hi renal ! Glad to have you onboard :smiley:
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