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  1. smw0621

    Orient Beach

    We'll be cruising in almost a week now (yay!), we're looking to go to Orient Beach in St. Marten, any thoughts? hints? etc????
  2. smw0621

    Snorkeling in Curacao

    We're heading on our cruise in 31 days (woohoo) and are looking to go snorkeling in Curacao. Any advice on great places? Thanks
  3. I wish I had some helpful advice but I'm in the same boat as you are. I did however take about a 1hr nap on a trip to Vegas after having a bloody mary.
  4. smw0621

    Cruise Ship gambling..

    I usually play Bingo one day (usually when it's cloudy), and if I go to the casino I only bring a certain amount of money with me. I'd rather spend my time doing something else. Now, if I won money that might be a different story.
  5. smw0621

    missing the boat

    On our last cruise a friend of ours missed the ship in St. Maarten. We had heard his name announced quite a few times (his wife was actually on the ship), he had to pay someone $20 in a harbor boat to bring him to the ship, and of course he had had a few too many drinks, they had to hoist him up the rope ladder to climb onto the ship. The whole group of us (60 people) had a great time with him the rest of the cruise as well as the staff on the ship. Needless to say, he was early getting back at all of the other ports.
  6. smw0621

    do you ever signed up for any games

    We play name that tune and I'll play a bingo once. My dh came in 2nd place in the belly flop contest on our cruise last week.
  7. smw0621

    The Worse Possible Happening

    We always made sure we were back more than an hour before we're suppose to be.
  8. smw0621

    The Worse Possible Happening

    That actually happened to a friend of ours on our cruise last week. When we were in Antigua he was in the casino, winning and drinking a little too much and lost track of time (our ship was Jewel of the Seas and the Norweigan Jewel was in port too), he asked someone in the casino what time the ship left and they sayd 6:00, but we were leaving at 5:00. Anyway, as we were pulling out of port here he comes running down the pier waving his arms at us. But, because we weren't completely out of port he was able to pay someone who owned a smaller boat to bring him to the ship. The ship threw a life jacket to him, and put down a rope ladder, the guys on the smaller boat hoisted him up. And of course, he never lived it down from our group of 50 and the staff. Someone with the ship said that if we were completely out of port he wouldn't have been able to get onto the ship, he would've had to fly to our next port.
  9. smw0621

    Odd Couples!

    Michael J Fox - Matthew Fox
  10. smw0621

    Odd Couples!

    Dean Martin - Steve Martin
  11. smw0621

    Odd Couples!

    Steven Martin - Dean Martin
  12. smw0621

    Packing game

    radio (mp3...ipod)
  13. smw0621

    I almost forgot to Dance! Yikes I'm slipping

    We're picking up our docs Friday night for our Jan 27th cruise....warming up to do the doc dance with ya!!!