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    bus service

    I'd watch out for Fung Wah. Bad safety record. We took a bus to Bayonne twice and it was arranged through RCCl. I don't remember how much it was.
  2. Thanks guys. Leaving in the morning. All packed and ready to go.
  3. BON VOYAGE on your cruise aboard the Jewel of the Seas. We sailed the Jewel a couple of years ago. Great ship. Have fun.

  4. I know how you feel, Ed. It's 22 days for kme. I've been on Voyager twice and loved it. Have a great time.
  5. That's a whole lot of ship to see in 7 days
  6. I guess the best time would in 2007 when I finally got my whole family on one cruise. Freedom of the Seas for 7 nights. All 4 kids, dil, neice and nephew we're adopting and granddaughter in dils belly.
  7. Jason, you're not renting out any rooms are you?
  8. 1) Voyager of the Seas 9 night western carib. 2) 10 night Jewel of the Seas repo Boston to Miami 3) 7 night NCL Majesty to Bermuda Dream cruise would be Mediteranean, Italy and Greece
  9. Freedom of the Seas is our largest. We loved it. We really like the Promenades on RCs bigger ships.
  10. If your into the spa treatments, I think I heard that they run specials on port days to drum up business while eveyones off the ship.
  11. Our 1st was Labadee. We thought we had found paradise. That was in 2004 on Voyager of the Seas. After 5 cruises we've found many paradises, but that's still one of our favorites.
  12. Trying to get longer and longer cruises. Up to 10 nights this year, looking at 13 nights next year.
  13. HI and welcome back to the new Cruise Crazies.

  14. $10.50 a day isn't very much for all the services you get but I've heard you can adjust them down. I've never felt like it.
  15. Arvids, welcome back. Where's your tractor in the snow with your bathing suit pic ? Wasn't that you ?
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