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  1. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I can see that I do have my work cut out for me. I am already ready to go again! I guess I am truly a cruise crazy already!
  2. We went to St. Thomas and St. Maarten on our first cruise. I am trying to do research for our next one. Are any ports and/or cruise lines more affordable, also what time of year is the most affordable? My husband has his own business so we can plan his schedule around the cruise. We got an inside cabin the last time, but have decide that we would like a balcony much more the next time. Does anyone have experience with both ? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thankx, Lindy
  3. Meebert is it Rigotetto and is the soprano Ileana Cotrubas?
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were to start the disembarkation at 7 and we were the last group called since we had no other plans except to go by car to Boynton beach. We were on the road by 9:25. That may be a miracle but that is how it worked for us. Have a great trip!
  5. We just used "At your Service Limos" to take us to and from Miami & Boynton Beach. There were 8 of us and it was $75 a couple for the round trip. They were great and had no problem waiting. They do it all the time and knew what time to be there. All we did was call them when we went to get our luggage and he was there when we got outside. I don't have the number but I can get it if you can't find it. We were on RCI and got off went through "customs"( it was a joke) and were in the limo in a matter of about an hour. Good luck
  6. We just got home from RCI's Radiance. Our formal nights were good but not too formal for everyone. Some wore suits and ties and others wore shirts and ties. One night my husband wore a shirt and coat with no tie (AKA miami vice look) Do what you want we always feel like you are on vacation and shouldn't be forced to do anything. Just don't wear shorts as many frowned on this. Although they didn't ask the offender to leave.
  7. We just returned from the radiance and went to coco cay. It was a beautiful island with not a lot to do except drink and soak up the sun. they did have a free buffet of hot dogs and hamburgers chicken wings and all the trimmings all the food was great. There were jet ski rental and the water slide was a slide with a guy spraying a hose on it. We ate drank and sunned and had a great time. Oh, The hair braiding cost more there than St. Thomas or St. Maarten.
  8. I am taking several disposable cameras. I was told to make sure they didn't get x-rayed. Where do I put them? I know that sounds silly. I do fly all the time but I am mostly wondering about the ship. Don't they x-ray your luggage?
  9. I am packed and ready to go. I have a few misc. things to pack, but I have nowhere to go Friday and nothing to do! I will just sit around the house with DH and think about how fun the next week will be! Our flight is at 2 PM on Saturday, and we sail on Sunday. So we have 2 days of anticipation before we sail!
  10. All for Love.......Love shack
  11. Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore I prefer Sandra Bullock
  12. 'So real the story may suprise you: For the majority of americans the culture war barely exists.' From the reader's digest Nov 05
  13. eclairs filled with custard.......double fudge brownies
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