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  1. Again I know I haven't been around alot lately, but thanks for the Bon Voyage!!!! Right now we are in Colorado visiting our oldest son, just waiting to fly out to LA on Sunday morning. I hope that the weather is nice in LA for the start of the cruise.
  2. Maria - Hope you get to see this before you leave!!! Have a great trip, we'll be thinking about you!! Maybe we can get together again next year. Chris ps love the picture of you and Ken!!!
  3. Start of the New Year thought that I would try and find the time to drop by again!!! So Hello to all of my old friends here and Hello to all the new members that have signed on!!! ps I have a tailor here that hems pants at $8 for the pair.
  4. You got me and it is already the third of April.
  5. Just thought that I would drop in and say HI!!! We've been real busy with the new grandson, spring break is here now, and I just got back from the airport. Sending the youngest son off to visit with his older brother. This will be his first grand adventure by himself!!!! His mother and I were more nervous than he was. Long day so far left for the airport at 3 AM and just got back about an hour ago, time for a nap!!!
  6. Afternoon all!!! Karen is at the hospital with our daughter - doctor said that today was the day and we will be grandparents again Right now I am running the store and Karen is with daughter and father of the baby, I'm just waiting for the phone call. Will update later!
  7. Robert - It's good to see that you decided to come back, or should I say stay with us, you weren't gone that long Welcome Back!!!!
  8. I think that we hit the coldest spot in the US again, -32 at 5 AM this morning. Can anyone say BRRRRRRRRR? Cold front expected to stay with us till Friday. Is this March?
  9. Tonia - I think that it's funny that you mention that you didn't get your first till you were 40, same story here, most of mine are black work(fine line drawings) both arms and arcoss the right shoulder. Still thinking about the other shoulder and part of the back. Just have to wait till the right drawing comes up to match what I already have.
  10. The stepper and treadmill make great clothes hangers (they were never used for anything else!!)
  11. The temp here is -6 and there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Village crew are out front with the front end loader moving it around, but it is bright and sunny out!? Can't imagine what the folks in the western part of the state are doing, they have gotten almost 12 feet of snow in the last two weeks!!!! Maria take care of yourself - I hope it isn't your drinking hand that is affected!!!
  12. Happy Valentines Day All - They have been predicting a blizzard here since yesterday, temps hovering around 0 degrees calling for up to 3 ft of snow then the winds. We've been lucky only about 6" of snow and after looking at the radar we may miss the big dump of snow.
  13. Being a redhead I thought that I had heard them all by now, but that is a new one for me
  14. The picture that Karen posted doesn't tell the complete story - each of the blocks of ice are 12" deep and 4' X 2' and weigh almost 400lbs each. On a good year they use almost 1500 blocks of ice.
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