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  1. Hello...My husband and I have decided to cruise the RCCL Navigator on 4/29/06 (over a year from now). I have been getting quotes from some online sites, as well as from a TA near my home. Today I get a quote (from an online site) and the TA tells me that I better book as soon as possible because space is limited. I asked her why and this was her response: "We found that for this year a lot of the sailings are sold out months in advance. This will continue in 2006. I assume that the Navigator has large groups for the sailings I checked of April and May 2006. Companies are hosting seminars at sea and other activities." I'm not sure what to think about this because I haven't heard this from any of the other TA's. Do you think she is just telling me this so I'll book through her? I plan on booking soon anyway, but I don't want to deal with someone who is not be completely honest. Thanks for any opinions. :smiley:
  2. Hello...I have been reading a lot about RCCL lately and the one complaint that I have seen the most is about chair saving and long lines. How true is this? I'm planning to travel on the Navigator on 4/29/06. I'm hoping that crowds are not a problem. Thanks! Michelle
  3. Hello...when do the RCCL itineraries/prices come out for next May? Thanks! Michelle
  4. Hello...I am having a difficult time choosing which cruiseline to cuise on. I thought I had it all figured out. I had decided on Royal Caribbean, but then I started reading about Princess. My husband and I are in our early 30's. We don't have any children and prefer to travel when children are in school. We know we want to travel the Western Caribbean late April, early May in 2006. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you! Michelle
  5. Hello...I just received a couple of quotes from a couple different agencies. I would like to know if anyone has dealt with them and if so, what was your experience? 1. Cruise and Travel Authority 2. Cruise Vacation Outlet Thank you very much! Michelle
  6. Hello...I'm thinking of booking my cruise through a TA. Any suggestions on how to find an experienced and knowledgable one? I live in the South Jersey area if anyone knows of one in my area. Thanks! Michelle
  7. Thanks for all the great advice. For those of you who use a TA, are they a cruise only TA? Thanks again.
  8. Hello...Is it better to book directly through the cruiseline or through a TA? I have decided on Royal Caribbean for late April 06. I have heard that if you book through a TA and prices go down they can only give you the discounted price if final payment has not been made yet. Also, I would have to watch to see if the price goes down. Is this also the case if I book directly through the cruiseline? Thanks! Michelle
  9. Hello...my husband and I want to book a cruise for next April or May. Easter next year is April 16th. I am thinking of booking late April or Early May, but am concerned because of some of the things I have read about Spring Break crowds. We prefer to travel when kids are in school. We are also considering Royal Caribbean over Carnival, but again I have read that there seems to be more kids on Royal Caribbean. Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Hello...my husband and I have decided to take cruise in May 2006 instead of this May. How far in advance should I start looking to book our cruise? I have read several posts that say booking early is better. I have also read that if I book early and the price goes down I can get a refund for the difference. How exactly does that work? Do I have to book directly from the cruise line or from a TA? Can I book on one of the many cruise websites and still be eligible for a refund? Thank you for any help. It is appreciated! Michelle
  11. Hello...I have decided to take a western caribbean cruise in April or May. My husband and I like travel during off-season while the kids are still in school. My next step is to choose a cruise line. I have narrowed it down to Carnival & Royal Caribbean. We are in our early 30s. Any suggestions or tips? Thank you! :smiley:
  12. Hello all...what websites offer the best deals, but are also reliable? Thank you!
  13. Hello all...new here. My husband and I like to travel during off season. When would be the best time to take a western caribbean cruise with no crowds and not a lot of kids? Thanks for any help. :wink:
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