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  1. I was in high school and on Friday nights the love boat came on. I instantly fell in love with cruising. but it was only for the rich folk. fast forward 15 years me and hubbies anniversary came around and he wanted to take me on an anniversary cruise...Yeah!!! finally my dream of going on a cruise came true..but a nightmare happened I became addicted to cruising and now I have withdrawals
  2. welcome!! hope you enjoy the site...I have been gone for a while and still get warm welcomes you will love it here
  3. hello..everyone it has been a while (long time) i havent been on here in months...everyday life has really been hectic..not sure if you will even remember me..Joey I hope you do..I think about all of you often..I havent been on a cruise in 2 years now..I have been through some serious withdrawals (lol) we are planning on taking 1 next year when oldest son graduates..so that thought helps when the cruise depression really kicks in...just wanted to say hello and hope all is doing well
  4. omg Hazelson...you made me bust out laughing..I am at work reading this..so My boss looks over at me and asks what is so funny..I couldnt tell I am on here...so I just said oh..just a fuuny email...thanks for the help everyone...I really could care less about Nassua..I would be happy just staying on the boat..thanks for answering my questions..
  5. Hello everyone Joey David, Boatrider Teacup, Gottacruz, Hazelson, Cruisetarp, Keith and Rita..and everyone else.. Been crazy for me last few months things are finally settling down..Yeah!!! Well I believe we will be going on our Cruise in Sept 13-16..it is my 20 year class reunion..It is going to be on the Sensation out of Port Canaveral to the Bahamas..Our group has a reservation thru Carnival..but with my past guest discount I still am finding a better price<] thru online agency.. I do have some questions..so I came to my friends the ones I knew would hopefully have the answers.. First one..has anyone been on the Sensation?? What is she like?? I am not too worried about kids because I know they will be in school..plus I have kids so I dont mind them being around.. This time we will not be taking ours because of school..and my son has a Football game ( First one I will miss..not to crazy about that). What about Hurricaines?? Where do you go if Hurricaine is heading for Bahamas?? I know we will stay clear but just curious..where we would go.... Next...how difficult is locating the port in PC??.. What is the Bahamas like?? Suggestions?? Expensive??? our budget is really tight for this trip so any tips would be appreciated..I am still trying to convince Hubby that this can be done inexpensively..without breaking the bank..lol..I promised No shopping..(well at least not As much) lmao..you know women..good bargain Gotta Shop...j/k...I keep telling him Carnival is calling and our Ship is waiting...well he tells me to tell them "go ahead" we aint going..lol..so I need help..please.....Thanks Lilrosie..
  6. We tie die eggs..I like to take a old hand towel and the little bottles of food coloring. What I do is wrap the egg completely in the towel and take the food coloring one at a time..and put different color of drops all around the eggs..til it is completely covered..let dry for a minute and unwrap egg..it is beautiful the way the colors mix..it does get messy on hands so I like to use rubber gloves to keep color off my hands...the yellow dishwashing gloves works great!
  7. Hi everyone!! Hope all is doing well. We are doing good..just took a break for a while. I did want to wish you all a Happy Easter. Yesterday April 7th was me and hubbys 17 anniversary<]. He took me to Tampa we went down to the Port and watched the Royal Carribean load up and ship out. That was soo depressing..because We were not on it.. It made hubby decide we need to book another..YEAH!!! So we are trying to find one in May around th 26th the 25th is the kids last day of school so cannot go b4 then...Update..I last told you that my dear Heidi (rotty) died..well hubby bought me a 5 month old rotty her name is Seqouya..(named b4 we bought her) anyways I have been busy training her ...what a blast she is full of energy 24 hours a day. She definitely not my heidilou..but I have fell in love with her...anyways I have missed you all..I have stopped in and just glanced at the posts to keep up with what is going on..ANyways Happy Easter To all my family on here
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  12. Hi everybody, Just wanted to take a sec to log in and say Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone..I came to site and did not recognize it , at first..Wow what a change..Looks Great...Great job !!! Well we are just about ready for christmas...finished shopping yesterday..wrapped pretty much all of it last nigt (up til 11 wrapping). Now all I have to do is Laundry, baking and packing...Oh and somehow while doing all have to find time to go to work..lol On Saturday 23 we are going to Erics MOms for christmas and then we Leave for Gatlinburg Tennessee!!..The boys are really excited..Pray for me that there will be snow..We have Never seen Snow and are really hoping to see some.. Update on whats been going on..They had the funeral for 2 of the kids in the car accident..THe girl is still in Hospital in Serious condtion holding her own. Mom has good days and bad...but doing good.. Now the part that totally breaks my heart..My 11 year old rottweiler has cancer in lung and breast..She had a tumor on breast..took her to vet they xrayed found cancer in breast..We were going to operate and the next day the Vets OFFiice calls and informs me that they found it in lung also..they will not operate..She is too old and will not do any good..So I cannot remember a time I have cried so much...she is a big part of our family I have 2 sons and Heidi (dog) is my daughter..I never understood why people got soo upset when they lost a pet Until now..It truly feels like loosing a relative..But she is doing ok..she acts like nothing is wrong..still gets excited when we get home..alert and doesnt appear to be in pain..so we take it day at a time with her..I'm sorry to get on soapbox..just tryin to fill yall in on whats been goin on in my life.. Anywas I wish you all a Very Happy Holiday and I send my Love to All of you..Will try and get active again just as soon as things calm down some..Merry Christmas LilRosie..
  13. Hello everyone..I am sorry I worried you. I have just had a lot going on lately..We had All the relatives come down from Atlanta for Thanksgiving. Had to help Sister get prepared for that..They ended up staying until Sunday Night..( happy to see everyone..but exhausted from the visit)..then back to work and play catch up from being out all week..Mom has Not been doing very good ( she has Parkinsons and it has really progressed since we got back from cruise) so it has been back and forth to Dr office for a series of tests and MRI's then back again for another round of tests and you name it..Today had to take son back to orthodontists for his braces he has been in them 2 years now....poor thing thought he was getting them off today..boy he was surprised when the new brackets went on...(lol) got home to find out that 3 of our students were in a fatal car accident after school today...it was raining pretty hard and they wrecked..2 died immediately and the 3rd is in critical condition Dr advised parents that she has a 10 to 20 % chance of survival..they had to put a shunt in the brain due to swelling and pressure..If she survives they are pretty certain she will be comatose and on life support..SO PLEASE EVERYONE PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR THIS GIRL..(AMANDA BRADLEY)..she is just 17 Senior ..Too young to die,,,anyways..I just wanted to say Hello and I have not abandoned the site..Just have too much going on right now...I love you all and I do miss you..just have to step back and prioritize my time for right now..Love ya...Lilrosie :smiley:
  14. welcome...congratulations on your win in the casino...I'm jealous about the new booking...hurry up and post the review..I wanna be nosey..lol
  15. welcome home....glad you had a great time on the freedom...hurry up and post your review..would love to hear all the details... :smiley:
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