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    New York
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    United States


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    Caribbean - Western
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    Roatan Isle, Honduras
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    Guided tours
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    St Thomas, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Cozomel, St Marteen, Puerto Rico, Belize, Roatan Isle, Mexican Riveria, Key West, FL
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    Clay Aiken and playing and making things on my computer
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    Clay Aiken, R&B, some hiphop, music that makes you want to dance
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    romantic comedies
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    Big Bang Theory, CSI, most things on Food Network, HGTV, Bridezillas, America's Next Top Model and American Idol
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    GO Detroit Tigers!!!! i like the Lions too...love the Cubs..I'm a big fan of the Colts
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    2 cats, 1 dog and a bunny
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    anything by Dan Brown
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    Catalog Merchant
  1. Happy Birthday 1959kar!

  2. Account settings on the home page and in the drop down menu pick forum settings.......then look for edit signature. Nice to see you Karen thanks!!!
  3. HELP!!!! where do I go to change my siggy, I've been searching and searching and can't fine the porthole.... Please HELP me, anybody
  4. we sailed on the Legend back in 2006 to Bermuda, we've been on 3 other ships since and the Legend remains my favorite ship that we've been on we plan on sailing on the Miracle next yr, again to Bermuda from NYC
  5. Good Evening! Nathaniel turned 3 on Saturday baby Logan, Nate's little bestest brother, lol
  6. Afternoon One and all! last Friday Saranac Lake had a parade to honor our local area Olympians, which consisted of 12 young adults, a couple pictures Billy Demong, Gold medalist and Silver in Nordic Combine and Team Relay picture of Nate and baby Logan, grandson #2 and #4 unfortunately, I don't have a recent picture of Killian and Winter, silly son keeps coming up with some excuse about his computer, lol
  7. Hi! we're all doing well, would you believe it, we now have 4 grandsons, Killian will be 4 this yr, Nate (daughter's oldest) is almost 3, Winter (Killian's little brother) will be 2 in May and Logan (Nate's little bestest brother) just turned 1 month on the 25th... Chris and I, plus we're dragging 2 friends with us, on a short 4 day cruise to Key West and Cozumel from Miami on the 22nd of March this past July, Chris and I bought a small photo business to add to my jc penney catalog merchant business and we're still selling newspapers and magazines, so we are quite busy making photos, we do film and digital prints Good to see everyone! I hope all is well!?!
  8. speaking of the Olympics, which I truly enjoyed, its amazing how fast they came and went, makes me sad every time, to see them end, but with that being said, Billy Demong, USA closing ceremony flag bearer, went to school with my oldest, Vermontville is a small town not too far from Saranac Lake, part of the school district, I'm soooo proud of him!! Saranac Lake and Lake Placid area had quite a few winter athletes in Vancouver
  9. Hi Karen, great to see you here. How are those gorgoeus grandbabies? How old is Killan now?

  10. I love Michigan too.....I'm a Michigoose living in NY....the Traverse City area is sooooooo beautiful
  11. hey Karen Happy Birthday once again? Hows Chris?.. and all the boys? hes doing good, he'll be taking a early morning trip to the airport tomorrow, Cory and gang leave to return home tomorrow morning, the flight leaves Albany before 6am ....way tooo early for me here are 2 pictures of Krystie and her Dad I'll try to post pictures of the 3 grandsons soon
  12. if I could live anywhere in this whole wide world of ours, I'd move to Roatan Isle, Hondurus in a heartbeat, the isle was the 2nd stop on Chris' and my first cruise, I fell in love with the place....
  13. thanks, you guys so much!!!! hugs and kisses for all and birthday cake and ice cream too! Krystie and Keith were married on August 9th...Cory, Cassy and the boys are here til Friday Naterbug Krystie Keith
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