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    United States


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    People watching
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    People watching
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    Caribbean, Mexico , Alaska, Mediterranean, Panama Canal
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    Cruising of course..<br>Friends<br>Good meals<br>Great Conversation<br>History
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    American Standards<br>Old School R&B<br>Disco<br>Country<br>Ragtime<br>Jazz<br>Big Band
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    News Oriented
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    College Football
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    Love me a great steak
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    "Communication is the begining to true understanding"<br><br>" R-E-S-P-E-C-T is more than a song title"
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    Residental Manager

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  1. Happy Birthday JoeyandDavid!

  2. Miss C that just means it passed the senate committee it can now be brought to the floor for an actual vote..
  3. we can try.. what color is baileys? well it is kinda a caramel tan color I guess...hard to descibe, more tan I suppose. anybody want to help? and yes, I know what you are doing... what am i doing?
  4. isnt that the scary part... erasing the cards.. never knowing if you shoul make another copy or not.. I will have thosse pictures on CD's before I empty the cards......no worries i made eight copies of the cd's in case i broke one..
  5. Mary thanks for a brief but concise review... an 8 huh... not a bad score
  6. isnt that the scary part... erasing the cards.. never knowing if you shoul make another copy or not..
  7. how many minutes can u capture before you have to either download or erase?
  8. we have a Sony video handi cam which we have used before.. it is capable of both stills and video..but to be honest .. my eyes aren't working as well as they once did and i get so tired of taking poor pictures i have all but given up..
  9. ok guys we are within 1000 posts of reaching number 9 on the all time posts lists.. wouldnt it be great if by the time we sailed we made it to the top 5!.... I know that will take some posting... but i also know this group has some happy fingers...:)
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