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  1. I'm trying to decide whether to sail the carnival freedom or not. How is the decor? That's mainly what concerns me. I have heard positive & negative. Is it really a little "dark" in decor? Also how is the food and entertrainment? Thanks for all your help.
  2. Anybody sailed on the Carnival Imagination since it has been refurbished/remodeled? How's the rooms. From the pictures I've seen, looks like there's no sofa in the room or night stands beside the bed. How's the food, the entertainment? My group is contemplating sailing the Imagination, due to the new water slide/park, but want to make sure everything else is well worth it too. We are used to the newer, larger ships. Thanks for any info.
  3. Reading different forums, I've heard people talk about Ocho Rio, Jamaica port and how dangerous it is in that town. Is it really dangerous there, I've heard, they just stayed on the ship for safety sake. If that's the case, it is a loss to my trip, because I count on decent ports to venture out and tour, etc. So please let me know if it's OK to get off the ship and venture out or at least shop near the port of call. Pls let me know. Thanks much!
  4. I'm wondering how the cruises from Charleston, SC to Bahamas are? I'm also wondering if the five (5) days is enough? I'm used to 7 day cruises. Is the "Victory" a nice ship? How is their evening/night entertainment and the main theater lounge? Food and service. Also, is the Charleston port nice or inconveniently located. What about the facility? Thanks in advance for any info you might have for us.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'd especially like to know about the evening/night shows in the main theater. I've been on Miracle a couple of time, and theirs are really nice. The Glory was so---so!! Thanks again.
  6. I've been on cruises where entertainment was so-so.... Then I've been on cruises with top notch/excellent entertainment shows. What ship has great entertainment? Interested in carnival cruises only please. Thanks
  7. I'm looking into going on the Triumph in November to the Western Caribbean. How is the entertainment, ship layout, lounges, food, etc? I've sailed on the Carnival Glory and Miracle already. But don't hear too much about the Triumph. Also, how is Miami's port to board onto the ship?
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