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  2. Click here to view the cruise review
  3. Heres an idea!! This is what I did when I went on Carnival this past July........I took a Listerene bottle and emptied it and then filled it back up with Vodka....then I added 8or 9 drops of yellow food coloring. Now it looks like Listerene again!! I put it in my suitcase and away we went. Why would they suspect Listerene as anything different? Some people put water bottles that are really Vodka in their carry on. Good luck!!
  4. We stayed at the Hyatt in Miami, right on the Miami River. It was a very nice hotel. We got a deal thru AAA or we wouldn't have been able to afford the price I'm sure. If you decide on this hotel, you can get a cab which are always there.
  5. Wow, that sucks!! When I was on the Fascination July 25-29, they were working on the top deck, which was the topless deck and I didn't get a chance to ever go up there and sun topless because of this fact. They were working on the basketball court also, cause we thought they were going to have vollyball there and the big screen t.v. is very new!! What is playing on the big screen t.v. anyway? This is great news, but this news sucks to me!! Think I should call Carnival and complain!! Glad you enjoyed though!! sunshineforblue
  6. http://photobucket.com/albums/b217/sunshineforblue/
  7. http://photobucket.com/albums/b217/sunshineforblue/
  8. We packed in a baggie, 30 one dollar bills for this reason. The bus driver, the luggage handlers....etc. At Miami port, the man that takes your luggage to the boat, asks for 1.00 for each bag. The greyhound driver just asks for tips. Our bus driver taking us to the airport was great. We gave him 5.00. Hope this helps.
  9. I'm ready to back NOW!!! I really enjoyed myself!! I know if I could afford it, i'd be getting on another cruise real soon!!
  10. how come when I click to go to the reviews and click on the cruise liner, it doesn't show mine?
  11. and here is my review of the ship Fascination. I loved being on the cruise but were dissappointed on some of the things on the ship. All in all, I loved going and most of all, I needed this break
  12. I just got back from Carnival Fascination and I"m so glad I didn't care or pick who we were sitting was. We met some wonderful people that we can't wait to spend time with. I don't know how they do it, but they did a great job with fixing you up with people you would like to know! Carol Fascination 7-25 thru 7-29
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