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  1. I have used a recipe I found in the newspaper over 25 years ago that incorporates apples in the dressing. Very nice indeed. Why are we talking about this 6 weeks after Thanksgiving? :grin: Bodger
  2. Boy that sure is disappointing to say the least. (My strange sense of humour; it just struck me as being starter whiskers for your new user!) As it happened I bought a new electric shaver today (that German brand) and I had to break at least three seals to get into the unit to plug it in. This one has a 30 day return to manufacturer feature if you are not satisfied. Do you want to give us a clue as to who has lax policies? Bodger
  3. And if you use the last one, write it down on the shopping list! Bodger
  4. And that is how these colds and bugs get passed on. I stayed home for two days, two weeks ago instead of passing on my cold to the rest of the office. It was good for everyone in the long run. I don't think your principal is leading by the right example. Bodger
  5. This reminds me of the T shirt I saw many years ago. "I am giving up bowling for sex, the balls are lighter and you don't have to change your shoes." Bodger
  6. My hobbies are photography and woodworking. I have a collection of old cameras although I don't actively add to it these days and I enjoy working with my digital SLR camera. The woodworking is some flat stuff like cabinet making as well as woodturning, making bowls, pens and the like. My other hobby is vacuuming. Well not really but the boss thinks so, and it keeps her happy. :grin: Bodger
  7. Every morning when I get in my car the little light comes on and says "CRUISE"! :smiley: Bodger
  8. A few years ago, I was at the barber shop and looked in the mirror after the haircut. The barber had cut it a little shorter than usual, I looked at myself and said "Oh my God!", it was as if my father was looking back at me. He has been dead for 23 years and I am now a few years shy of his age when he died from a brain tumour. I think I have many of his qualities and hear myself saying things I figure he would have said. That is a little scary. Fortunately I have my mothers temperment and maybe a bit of her artistic/design talents. Both my parents tended to be good with numbers and details which I have inherited. I sure hope I have a goodly share of my mothers genes as she is 85 and in good health, drives and still lives in the same house after 51 years. We don't get to choose our parents, but I am thankful for mine. Bodger
  9. I am in Toronto, about 1500 miles southeast of Ann. We had a severe storm with some flooding in low areas about a month ago and lost power for about four hours. This was one of those 2 or 3 times in 100 years storms, a lot of rain in a very short time frame, more than drainage systems are designed to accomodate. The previous time was two summers ago when some idiots in the Ohio brought the whole NE of North America down. In Ontario we are on the same power grid as the NE US. I am still waiting for the apology from NY Mayor Bloomberg, blaming the outage on Canada. Bodger
  10. There was an article in the newspaper this morning about Florida's new 'shoot first' law. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...72154&t=TS_Home Somehow I am supposed to feel safer in Florida, that if I accidentally cut off someone on the freeway, because I an not familiar with where I am going, that s/he can shoot first and apologize later to my survivors. This ought to be a boost to Florida tourism. Is there a gun rental for visitors at the airport? Bodger (donning his flame (and soon to be bullet) proof underwear.)
  11. This is the Thanksgiving weekend in the Great White North, so there is going to be some turkey and pumpkin pie consumed! :grin: We have been having an Indian (can you still say that?) Summer, with beautiful weather in the mid-seventies. I am easing myself into retirement and have been taking Fridays off since January, but as I took Monday and Tuesday off to nurse a cold I will hit the office for part of the day, no obligation to, just guilt. Enjoy your weekend, Bodger
  12. A 'bodger' was a guy that turned wooden parts in the English forests. As woodturning is a hobby of mine, it was easy to use the same handle that I use on some woodturning sites. Bodger
  13. I used to watch it for better than 15 years, then I felt it degraded and I couldn't stand to watch any more. This was four or five years ago. I enjoyed it in the old days. Bodger
  14. I agree with Jtutak - Aruba. Planning to be there mid-March. Bodger
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