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    Royal Carib
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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Like lots of different kinds..just not the screaming crap my oldest listens too..lol..
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    I'm a total movie junkie..few favorites:
    Life as a House
    Harrisons Flowers
    Pay it Forward

    Action are my favorites
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    Criminal Minds
    The Good Wife
    The Unit
    Hells Kitchen
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    Unless my kids are playing it..I don't watch them
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    2-Schnauzers 1-Greyhound
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    Reading lots of James Patterson lately but enjoy John Grisham will read almost anything. I just ordered a book by Jeannette Walls looking forward to reading it.
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    Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

    Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the Truth.
  1. Happy Birthday cruisinmama!

  2. Happy Birthday cruisinmama!

  3. cruisinmama

    Some of My Souvenirs

    We all have heard the saying “Live every day as if it is your last." hard for many of us if not impossible for all of us to do.
  4. Hi Crazies Sorry haven't been on..been working quite a bit and my health has not been so good...in bed by 7:30 every night....dh went for tests for colon cancer biopsy's should be ready in a few weeks..Our furnace started acting up the electrician said he's not thinking it will make it..it is over 30 years old..so guess its tired.... my oven died yesterday..My work office forgot to fax my hours for work last week so I didn't get paid yesterday Grrrrr Dh is on EMS call all weekend so we can't even go and try to get parts for the oven as he has to be within 6 min of the ambulance shed and the nearest town is much farther than that..and we are in the middle of another winter storm which I hope doesn't give us much more snow..lol.. So in a nut shell I'm glad for microwave stuff and we can always BBQ when we get sick of nuked food..Glad for Dramamine (which we can't get here in Eh? land) but I bought 2 boxes while in the usa, which helps the world which keeps moving on me and in 4 months I'll be be complaining about the mosquitos..lol.. So overall we are hanging in on this end..Just wanted to say Hi and hope everyone is ok and doing well Big Hugs to you all... I hope once life calms down I will have some time and energy to get back on and chat and catch up with the board.. take care
  5. Our group just stayed at that Comfort Inn in Nov and it was great. Clean rooms that had a safe, hair dryer, coffee maker, iron, and an ironing board. The pool was beautiful with lots of loungers and table and chairs. The breakfast was outstanding with hot & cold items and everything was yummy. They also have free internet access. Thanks...I think it will be a great stay..
  6. TGIF!! Hi Crazies Just touching base, have had connection problems all week..Doing ok on this end..Bad storm heading our way with 30cm - 50 cm of snow..I knew the Pineapple Express would come back to bite us..now its pay back..lol.. Hope everyone is doing well..sending Hugs to all check in again soon
  7. We would..we would love to see NY and have a Cruise from there would be great...I know its far in the distance but it never hurts to dream
  8. Morning Crazies from warm and sunny Manitoba Not much planned today just puttering... My dh is at work today, and no they didn't get deployed!! I have to say I am very sad to say I am a Canadian our Gov vows to do all they can for Haiti yet they did NOT deploy our USAR Team which was packed and ready already due to a National exercise planned for the next day which was canceled. These teams train and have equipment for just this type of disaster.. Just makes me sad to say Canada once again did not come through.. I will add that the whole USAR Team is furious about this decision.. So Thank you to the US GOV and your President who did vow to do all he could and followed through!! Have a Great day...hope your all doing well...
  9. Thanks so much I booked our pre and post stay there this morning..Now just airfare that should be fun..lol.. Then I can decide on Tours and such as I can take my time for that. Thanks again
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