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  1. Thanks for the info. As I said, my heart is broken for those people like almost everyone else. It is just that this is the only time my husband can take his only vacation this year. He needs to get away. We were driving 6 hours to N.O. and now will drive 9+ hours (from Memphis). It looks like we are going to go ahead and do this. I found a website called Park, Sleep and Fly and we can drive there, spend the night, get round trip shuttle to the port and leave our car there for $119 plus all the taxes. That doesn't seem too bad. So we looked at it and really, all we are doing is adding another tank of gas or so each way to our trip. Now, we hope gas doesn't go to $5 (which we really don't think it will). We so had our hearts set on a cruise because that is the best way for him to relax. Thank you everyone! It is great to have you guys to talk to! :smiley: Debbie
  2. I just got my official notification. $50 credit and leaving out of Galveston. I personally do not think that is incredibly generous. We had a 6 mile drive planned and now we would need to drive another 2-3 hours or fly and pay an $80 shuttle fee one way from the airport to the port. Sorry if I sound bitter. As I said previously, my husband needs a vacation - works 80+ hours a week and I would have hoped they would have done something a little more generous - even pay the shuttle. I guess we will get our money back and fly to some all inclusive. My heart breaks for those people and I find myself crying quite a bit for them so please don't think I am heartless. Anyone got any ideas for another vacation? Debbie :huh:
  3. Sue has been very helpful. I am very new to you guys, but already am so glad I signed up!
  4. That's what it looks like. I have been writing someone else on here (Tut) who is also booked on the same cruise. She talked to Carnival and it looks pretty good for Galveston. I have never even been to Galveston. Anyone got any clues/tips? Looks like we will drive from Memphis because we had planned to drive to N.O. While I hate that my vacation plans have changed, I feel so incredibly blessed each time I take a shower or brush my teeth or drink a glass or water.
  5. Guess I don't need to worry about a taxi in New Orleans now. :cry:
  6. My husband and I did one of those "free styling" and didn't like it. We like being assigned a group of people to eat with. We ended up sitting by ourselves each meal and honestly, we do that all the time at home. Having new people to eat with was more fun. we said we would never do it again.
  7. Hi. Thanks for all the replies. I felt so special :smiley: We are staying at the Maison St. Charles. Our room on Sat. night is $89 and we leave our car there and they charge $5 a day for parking. They have some sort of shuttle to the ship but you have to take a taxi back. It appears to be quite close so I was wondering if the taxis wouldn't be too excited about such a short fare. I will write back after and let those of you interested know. On another subject, I cannot find my over the door shoe bag! Any clues. I wanted clear and that seems to be the problem. Plus I want it cheap!
  8. How do I echange the deal that says interior cabin? Don't know hwo that got there. If it matters, we have a balcony. Slowly trying to get all the ins and outs! Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know how difficult it will be to get a taxi in New Orleans after the cruise? This will be the first time we have not parked at the pier. We got a deal at the St. Charles Maision (I believe) with parking and will need to take a taxi back to the hotel. So close...and yet so far away!
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