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  1. I've booked an Alaskan & then an B2B Trans - Pacific cruise to Russia, China, Japan, & So. Korea..... I sure hope there is an increase in our next "supplement" check next year ~~!!~~
  2. First, you have no view to the front, that open area is the crew's gym or workout area. Second it depends on how many people are standing between your cabin window and the rail.... When approaching a port there are usually a lot of people standing there and taking pictures if the pier is on that side.... If docking on the other side, most of the people will be on the other... When underway you should have a fairly good view....
  3. I just returned from a T/A & Western Med. on board the Ruby Princess. We used Claudio in Rome & he was fabulous. It was a 9 hour tour from the port and the cost was only $550 Euros for 8. IMHO the only way to go as he would drive up the the site, drop us off, and then return at a given time.... No unnecessary walking, which was GREAT ~~!!~~
  4. Having just returned from the Ruby Princess I was amazed when I attempted to order tomato juice in the evening from room service. I was told Princess is now charging $ 1.70 per glass (small, no TINY !!glasses) from room service in the afternoon/evening. It is only free in the mornings. This also applies to orange juice. So I just ordered 6 to 8 glasses from room service in the mornings and put in the frig. for consumption later in the day...no problem.....
  5. Here is one report out of Cozumel....their expected date for the return of cruise ship passengers is November 14 th~~!!~~
  6. From very reliable sources comes the sad news that the National Park was totally destroyed and the clear lagoon has sand in it. This has been the only news out of Cozumel since the storm.. above quote from: http://www.scubaboard.com/showthread.php?p...794#post1321794 Another very reliable source is: [url=http://stormcarib.com/]http://stormcarib.com/ which gives detail news report of all the Caribbean Islands. Additional updates & information can be found at the following: [url=http://www.cozumelkiteboarding.com]http://www.cozumelkiteboarding.com [url=http://www.cometocozumel.com]http://www.cometocozumel.com [url=http://www.cancunmap.com]http://www.cancunmap.com [url=http://www.scubatony.com]http://www.scubatony.com
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    If you are going to carry it on by hand there are several "secrets" at each port. With Carnival it's a No-No officially. In Cozumel if you purchase it at the Duty Free Store they will put it in a Yellow Bag. Get rid of the Yellow Bag~~!~!~~ Put it inside another bag or replace the yellow bag with another bag. Now we get into the conspiracy part. Have several passengers go thru the x-ray machine at once. The security will Yell "liquor" for each passenger to the crew member taking up the liquor. The designated person(first in line with a yellow bag) will get her/his attention while the next four hit the stairs ignoring everyone with all their liquor in hand!!!! Caymans are another easy refill port with cheap prices. All liquor purchase on the island MUST be shipped by the store directly to the ship. That being the case security is very lax. The Only store I know of that will by-pass this rule is a little store just to the left as you depart the docks. Wait till the last few minutes and purchase several bottle and they will hand carry it thru the Customs Office and hand it across the ship's security guard at the dock. The clerk will not give you the purchase until you have crossed the security check. Jamaica "No Problem Mon" like Cozumel. St. Thomas..No problems here have even carried open beer aboard while drinking it. Same in St. Marten, just dump the gaudy liquor store bags. If you are very young looking or drunk all rules goes out the nearest open port hole.
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    Here is our dressing table on our last RCI cruise. I had pre-packed the beer & just enought to make it to the first port. The rest was purchased and brought onboard. Sorry the beer is in the soft-sided ice chest on the balcony because it had sprung a leak, and was not in the picture. It was a looong cruise and we shared~~!!~~
  9. Gezzzz I was thinking that was a crusin' disease....Oh Well, I'm so glad ya'll are well, and the tornadoes missed you. :cheesy: :wink: :smiley:
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