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  1. Hi, Well we did it...........booked the Oasis of the Seas for April 24, 2010. We got a cabin overlooking the Boardwalk, it's on Deck 10 the last cabin on the aft starboard side #10729. We're so excited to cruise on this new ship Is anyone else out there cruising the Oasis of the Seas?
  2. Hi, Well we changed our cruise to April 24, 2010 on the Oasis of the Seas. Next year we have two weddings and one is in Aruba, so we gave up cruising for one year and now we'll have something to look forward to. This beautiful new ship to sail on.
  3. Hi Everyone, We're at it again.....what I just love to do, cruise!!!! We are booked on May 14, 2009 RCL Explorer of the Seas Bermuda and Caribbean Cruise. Why I booked this itinerary is St Maarten, we have never been there. So is anyone out there going on the same cruise? We looking forward to meeting new friends and having a fun time under the stars, and watching the beautiful sunsets. Happy Cruising
  4. Why do we cruise? Because we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. It's a toss up between Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Each cruise line is special in their own way. Lets say 1- RCL 2) Carnival............... I love them both
  6. Yes.......... the Guil's are cruising again on the RCL Explorer of the Seas. It's a 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean Cruise (St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Juan) Great itinerary and we can't wait to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Everyone, It's been a long time but I'm back. My DH and I are cruising on the Explorer of the Seas May 14, 2009 it's a 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean Cruise. Anyone out there going let's get our Roll Call Group Cruises going. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
  8. Ya you're right.........it does happen. LOL more ship for me!!!!!!
  9. Hi, No haven't had that one, how do ya make it? Sounds tasty
  10. Well it's a shock, no one out there is going on this cruise. Two week to go and nobody going, what's up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi, Carnival would be 1st choice, then RCCL. I like the fun ship more to do and people around my age group (30 to 60)
  12. Hi, We have a party of 6 cruising on the Carnival Miracle on 5/17/08. I have cruised on the sister ship Legend back in 05. Just checking to see if anyone else is booked on this cruise? One party is on Deck4 (aft) and the rest of the group are on Deck5 (bow of the ship), not by my choice. I really like mid ship, but no extended balconies. So who's out there that's going to join us for a great cruise, looking forward to meeting and making new friends and have some fun.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the invite, sounds like the Troublemakers are going to have a great cruise. Wish we could join ya!!!!
  14. I hate to see summer coming to a end BUT!!!!! You know that Survivor begins Survivor, been watching it since Season 6 Amazon I look forward to Thurs. nights (My fav.)
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