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  1. ][/size]My first cruise was with HAL on the Statendam. Since then I have cruised on Royal Carribean Majesty of the Seas and Disney Magic. On the Royal Carribean ship, I had to hunt up help and then only the officers were willing to assist me even to get a refill on my all I can drink soda. On Disney the kids played in the elevators all day and with a three wheeld scooter, I just could not take the stairs. Also with Disney only certain elevators went to certain decks. I had none of those problems with HAL. My husband and I have decided if HAL doesn't go there then neither will we !!!
  2. It has been a long time since I was on a Holland America Shim. SHAME ON ME When you book a Deluxe Veranda Suite do you still get free dry cleaning and laundry? If not what are the prices. I am goiing to Alaska in August. Joyce dogladyjww######
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  5. Believe and receive, doubt and do without.
  6. I too hope you will get well soon! I have respitory problems the one you have is particulary bad. Stay in bed and take your medicine. Know that we here at our house are praying for your quick recovery. Thanks again!
  7. I've neer sent PM so I don't know if it got to you or not. Thanks again for finding the shirt for my daughter :grin: ! The address is 2400 Birch Run Ct., Miamisburg, OH 45342. Please let me know how much I owe you and where to send the check or money order. Again, thank you so much.
  8. Sailingrose, Thank you in advance and have a wonderful cruise! God Bless All!
  9. I don't have a digital camera or a scanner otherwise I would include a picture. There was one on Ebay by Carniaval that was close but didn't have as many fish, etc. Thanks so much Salingrose.
  10. Sailingrose we were on the Sovereign Of The Seas in April of 2005 and that is where she got her shirt. If you could find one that would be great! I contacted the company that stocks the stores on board the ships and they are not allowed to sell directly to the public, but thanks for that idea. If Salingrose can'g get one. I may contact Crown and Anchor. Have a daily search going on Ebay! Thanks everyone and keep your fingers crossed (toes too!)
  11. My daughter is a Vet Tech and was doing some work and wore (for some unknown reason) her Royal Caribbean T-Shirt under a scrub top while caring pro-bono for some Parvo puppies. Some kind of chemical got through her scrub top and took the color out of her T-shirt. It was the one that said Royal Caribbean on it and had a beach and tropical fish on it. It has a grey backround and is a size 2X. I would pay what ever you want as it was part of her gradualtion cruise to the Bahamas. She is heartbroken as she can't find anothier one like it. Anybody out there with one? On the chest it shows the word Caribbean. Above that are from left to right: oragne and white fish, two blue, yellow nd white fish over the R in caribbean, two yellow fish over the Ein caribbean, and a Red and white stripped fish over the Nin Caribbean and a Sea horse is following the word. The word is standing on the beach and the C is preceed by some coral that is Blue, Red and yellow. A star fish's upper point is between the C and the A , there is a red, white and blue fish swimming between the Aand the R, there is a red and white stripe fish swimming between the I and the first B, at the botom of the first B there is more yellow coral, at the bottom of the E is a Conch shell. Below all of this is the Royal Caribbean International Trademark sign crown and anchor. Thank you very much.
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