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  1. Just wondering if your bed was by the balcony or by the bath? I have one booked on the same side/deck and wanted to try to determine which layout I will have. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. This is a photo of the Solstice Door that I saved from another site. As you can see the doors are recessed so that the entire door will not open into the hallway.
  3. Andreas Depping Ship Photos The above link was found on another site. This gentleman lives in Germany and has been taking wonderful photos of Solstice since the undocking. He is a professional photographer and the most recent ones were taken at night and are beautiful.
  4. Closest is Mobile, AL - about 15 min from my house about 1 mile from the office where I work but I have never cruised from there. New Orleans is about 1.5 hours, Galveston and Port Canaveral are about 8.5 hours each.
  5. The Fantasy was refurbished in 2005. I also am booked on the Fantasy (it's 2 months from today :grin: )but out of New Orleans and western caribbean itinerary. <]
  6. I couldn't find a "Q" so how about we go to "R" Roxanne by The Police<]
  7. The answer I had was Stella Solaris...Sun Line The site I got it from only mentioned the one and it was used in season 6. Your turn Mebert. <]
  8. Robert Duvall & Al Pacino - The Godfather II
  9. Goodnight Irene - Jerry Reed
  10. How much do you know about the Love Boat? During the series a non-Princess Line ship was used. What was the name of the ship and the cruise line? <]
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