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  2. Click here to view the cruise review
  3. i like to pre-pay then add more according to the service we recive, which is usually good. so i keep a wad of single and 5's with me at the end of the cruise. it just seems like less of a hassel at the end of the cruise.
  4. i put a 200 dollar down payment on my cruise, then paid the remainder off before the due date. AAA allows you to do this, aleast with RCCL.
  5. Hope you have the weather i did, which was perfect when i sailed her last week.
  6. glad you enjoyed them, it's hard comming up with a funny caption when you have 50 pictures (and around 150 more that i didn't add)
  7. i didn't do a party boat in the bahamas, but our table mates did the yellow bird bboat party and they were....well....still a little drunk at dinner . On the boat, Boleros hands down is the best bar prob on any RCCL ship! ashore, i went to senor frogs.... and that was one, ugh weird experiance some of those girls looked pretty young, and that says alot because im only 24 lol.
  8. i don't mind writing reviews, i just needed to get to my home computer to resend it off... im usually always on call and never around the house more then an hour or so. I just sent jason my review as he requested me to do so, hold on folks it's comming :grin: Thanks Keith and Rita, for the kind words.... and yes she's a keeper. zebra, that water was 70 degrees.....even 20+ feet down there wasn't much noticable differance. only time i did notice a slight change is when we went out into the deep water snorkling area in coco cay.... you could feel the cold was sweep in.
  9. i just used a cheap, 10 dollar kodak under water disposable... all the land shots were with a cannon powershot. The sub really wasnt that inclosing, you actually had alot of room to move around inside of it. i will admitt the air bubbling in front of your face gets annoying after 5mins. and yes the iguana's were really that close....actually fed one a lime from my corona bottle lol and jason i will submitt my review sometime friday, thru pm.
  10. yeah i would have to agree with you rose, all she did was say "what happend" and she listened to me and my girl friend go on about the story, and then she just started typing.... it was totally unexpected. She told us that a couple books a cruise with her every year and no matter where they go, or what cruise line they take they always have problems with the pre-cruise tours and getting back to the airport. I Suppose she is well versed and knows the wording that will get me a decent refund.
  11. i just submitted my review, hope it's ok. it's kinda long winded. here's some pics of the cruise..... http://community.webshots.com/user/LMAM315
  12. well yesterday i decided to talk to my travel agent to see whats the best method of dealing with RCCL. To my suprise, she actually wrote me a letter and had her offices header on it. She sent my reservation number, a photo copyed version of the tickets and since i saved every e-mail they sent me i also sent along the e-mail confirming my excurisons for the 24th. just waiting to hear back.
  13. the shore excursion was threw RCCL, what boggles my mine is why would they give me a " after cruise" excursion, three days before my cruise began?
  14. I work in Heating, Ventalation, Cooling and Refrigeration field. My company does mainly commerical and industrial work. (hotels, Cinama's, resturants and supermarkets) and the girl friend is a soon to be english teacher.
  15. Well my first cruise experiance, was intresting. And the learning curve was alittle tough. The first time i tried to open my door (8550) the door wouldn't open, went to guest relations on deck 4 and they said they'd send someone up to check on the door. By the time i got to my room 4 floors up, there were already two maintance people working on it.....very impressive! indeed. but the real trouble i had was on my last few hrs of my cruise, the day started as usual, woke up at 6:30, when the ship finally got into port i thought i missed my shore excursion, the ageless air boat ride. because we got into port at 7:30 and off the boat by 8ish. we asked where the ageless boat tour would be rounded up and we waited.....and waited.....and waited. finally after 2hrs i got a little nervous and asked a RCCL employee that the tour hasn't showen. after he examined my ticket, we noticed it was for july 19th! i didn't notice the date on the ticket. not only was my shore excursion for the 19th (when my cruise was the 21st) i was offically stranded at the port. so i had to take a cab back to the airport (117 dollars later) and waited 6 hrs for my flight. any help on dealing with RCCL on a refund on my excusrion ticket and possible reimbursment on the taxi? other then the above my cruise was perfect! great service and even better food. without this forum, i would have been a more confused of what and where to go. review comming soon.
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