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  1. Here is a stupid question for you (referring to your signature)....what exactly is an open booking? Is that just referring to one that hasn't hit final payment yet? I would love to book something for 2008 when we're on Celebrity Dec 2006.
  2. Ours is quite a bit away...December 11th, 2006. Just a short 5 night cruise on Celebrity Century to celebrate my BF's 30th birthday. I'm still counting down to each new month being just a little closer.
  3. Erik the Phantom...Mighty Mouse
  4. I have a question concerning the packing list....specifically the quoted text below... • Bring an old, outdated member card from a store that has a magnetic strip on the back. Instead of using your credit card to lock and unlock the cabin safe, you can use this instead. This way, you won't have to carry around any credit cards around with you all the time. After all, ships don't use credit cards: They bill all onboard purchases to your sail and sign card's account. On Royal Caribbean the safe in the cabins you punched in a numeric code you selected. Are Celebrity's safes different? I am not understanding what you need a credit card for the safe. Thanks for further clarification
  5. Our cruise in February will be our first on Celebrity. We would appreciate ANY information on Summit. What not to miss...etc. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Congrats! We're still a month away from final payment...but counting every day and that brings us closer to February 10th when we leave for CA.
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