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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Cozumel, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Roatan (Coxen Hole),Roatan ( Mahogany Bay) bELIZE, Playa Del Carmen, Georgetown GC, Key West, Progresso, Freeport and Nassau Bahamas, New York City, La Harve Fr., Southampton Eng.
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    Enjoy barbequing, cruising, dirt track car races, bird watching.
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    Oldies, classic country, Southern Rock, some reggea.
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    Ben Hur (Charlton Heston), The Godfather trilogy, any John Wayne, not a lot of the new movies.
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    Bar B Q, steaks, Pizza, Chili Dogs, Mexican Food ... all good for the Cholestral.
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    My Chihuahuas Paco and Maggie
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    Several different authors, Cussler, DeBrul, J.Patterson, Preston & Child, P.Cornwell, Lee Child, Dan Brown J. Rollins, Catherine Coulter, J. Kellerman... mainly adventure, mystries ..... fiction is the worlds best escape.
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    Retired ..
  1. Good Morning Being retired with not a lot to do means I can get on the forum later. Breakfast is over for another Sunday; Scrambled Farm Fresh Eggs for us and fried for the pups. Thick cut Hickory Smoked bacon fried to the exact crispness packaged by Mrs Wright's, and this week Pillsbury Grands biscuits with real butter and Grape Jelly by Welch's. Coffee is always on and again today Singing Rooster Blend from Haiti. Later Jim
  2. Good Morning It's Friday in my part of the world. Temps are warming from the 50s once again. Had 80s earlier in the week and looking at 70s and possible 80s again this weekend. As is with Mary Lou, we got the laundry done yesterday, did a few errands Wednesday and fueled the Tahoe. Gas was $1.90 here for regular. Not a lot else going on. Coffee is Ready (Singing Rooster from Haiti) Later Jim
  3. Coffee is Ready Eggs scrambled Fried crisp thick cut bacon, Toast with real butter and grape jelly. Life is Good. Later Jim
  4. Cool front has arrived today. Expecting a high of 51* compared to the upper 70s from the last few days. Social media is still active. I think the cruise forums are really the ones lacking. So many nay Sayers on most complaining about it's the cruise company's fauilt for this and that they have no control over. Also the old schoolers are drifting away with propulsion issues. I used to be on several and only occasionally stop by here as this is the last cruise forum I'm on. My opinion is that most of these are run by TA's and have gotten to commercial. I will also say upgrades are good for younger folks but not for older peeps as we don't really like change. I guess that's it from me. Coffee is Ready (MC again) Later Jim
  5. Good Morning; Late for me and really late for you North Easterner's. Weather continues nice for January. Expected 65* and sunny today. Andi; a slight correction. We live in Waco. Half way between Dallas and Austin. I haven't posted this in a bit but Sunday is breakfast time; Today; Golden brown Pancakes with Maple syrup and real butter (none of that yuppie squeeze stuff), Eggs can be fried hard as I do for the pups, over easy or sunny side up, your choice. Also not for the vegans, Thick cut Hickory Smoked Bacon fried crisp, our brand choice is Mrs Wright's. Coffee is ready (Davis Mountain Blend from So. America.) Later Jim
  6. Good Morning Cool down Texico way, 30s to 50s but mostly sunny. Not a lot going on, did mow the front yard and trim yesterday Have a lunch date with DIL today. Have a good day Coffee is ready (Maryland Club Classic Roast) Later Jim
  7. Good Morning. After a crappy weekend weather we had a nice day yesterday just to be back to crappy weather today, Such is winter I guess. I finally found the links to improve the text and color. I had the resolution set too high and it wasn't showing up.. Instead of 100% I had it set at 175% Oh well Coffee is ready Later Jim
  8. Good Morning Short post here. Cold (to us) 41* Overcast and fog. Maty Lou 18 to 20 is great. Just wish I could see where to change it along with color. Have a great day, Coffee is ready (Maryland Club Classic Roast this morning) Later Jim
  9. Good Morning ... I will say red and turquoise is very difficult to see. Any bold and 18 point is good. Indigo, Black, even Maroon on bold is good. Can't see where to change font size or color. Although IT thinks it's cute to constantly change, it's tough on some and makes us disappear. Maybe that's what they want. 71* last night at 10 pm. It was nice sitting on the deck and watching the clouds and moon poke thru. In reference to my vision ... Finally got to stop going every three weeks for injections and back to every 6 weeks. Vision has stablized some what but still a long way from good. About 20/80 in left eye (corrected) and 20/200 or worse in the Rt. Someone tell me how to get back to seeing last post first instead of wandering all thru a bunch of posts. sorry. Coffee is ready Later Jim
  10. Good Morning Thought I'd stop by and say Hi ... Still having issues navigating this site (due mainly to vision) the contrast of grey/gray font with a white background is difficult to read. It seams as though every IT guy (idiot in training) has gone with this format. Weather here is WOW, Saturday was 15* and we set a new record for a high yesterday at 81*. Been reathe windy also with sustained winds of 20-30 mph and gusts well over 40 mph. Kinda feel like March. Not much going on really, we survived the holiday without the cops being called so that's a good thing. Had to find Kathy some new health ins as her old provider increased from $204. per month to almost $600. pm. Affordable care my ass. Coffee is ready ... Davis Mountain Blend from So America. We get it locally at a free trade shop. Ta Ta.
  11. Well if this wasn't a cluster (you know what) trying to sign log on or WTF. I was going to give an update on vision and such but have gotten so aggravated that to Hell With It. Ray let me know when it improves. Later Jim
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