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  1. I wish everyone came here more often..I like this place :)
  2. Hey Term..Tommy....Tom, you get your job back??? Well at least you had a summer off!
  3. Hi all!!! So, so sorry I have been gone such a long time. I had a horrible job with no play time at all................I left a couple weeks ago and now have a normal job with a normal boss!! I also have time to come say hello! :) Wow....no one really chats much over here anymore...I'm gonna go try to find some people :)
  4. where is everyone? I am looking for Joe.....
  5. have a GREAT afternoon! I gotta get to work too! Bye!!! Tell Beth I said HI!
  6. wow....you are having a heat wave! Is it giving you spring fever???
  7. It must be nice out if you're walking! How bout the toe? Getting better too?
  8. tommy...what in the world just happened?
  9. Yes! I didn't expect anyone so late in the day! I work till 5...then tonite is bowling night! Been getting alot of computer time this week so far...weird....almost like the calm before the storm! How's your knee???
  10. I know...it chased alot away, but I really liked this forum... :(((
  11. I know..I like it here but no one else is every around???
  12. Hi!!! I always seem to miss everyone. Yes...been super busy but I am thinking in the not too near future I can come play a bit again! We have 8 house closings before mid-March and so far 4 down and 4 to go..that aside from the regular problems out in the feild and they are keeping me swamped!!!
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